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Jamie Kay – The Scourge of Socialist Sunday

#SocialistSunday was born out of the collective grief of socialists following Corbyn’s electoral defeat and their fears of a Tory Brexit. It was a rallying cry for socialists to unite, to fight the rising fascism stirred up by the Tories and their right-wing media buddies. Sadly #SocialistSundays has been infiltrated by the far right and the biggest offender is a faux socialist, Jamie Kay.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Jamie Kay – a slimy looking, sun punched white male in his forties, holding a pint of lager as he attempts a thin lipped smile.

I was new to Twitter. It felt good to see so many socialists standing together. Most had BLM in their Twitter handles, it seemed like many were starting to see the gravity of our situation. ‘Follow back’ was the call but I started to notice that many didn’t. Not that it mattered to me, I didn’t join Twitter for the followers. I’m still surprised I made it to 100.

Like most things, the novelty soon wore off. I’d blindly followed back a bunch of people whose politics were far removed from mine. Being a communist, I’m used to being a minority voice in socialist circles, but it soon became clear that many #SocialistSunday types were centrists. I did some pruning as Starmer (Kieth) laid into the Labour left and I was pummelled by daily warnings that our failure to get behind the forensic knight would be a ‘vote for the Tories.’ All to be expected, I guess. What I didn’t expect was for Black people engaging with #SocialistSunday, to be subject to the kind of vile racist attacks more commonly found on the far right.

Like most people, I became acquainted with Jamie Kay through #SocialistSundays. He seemed like most socialists, supported Black Lives Matter, anti-Brexit, anti-Tory. His Tweets didn’t exactly set the world alight, but he obviously appealed to a lot of people as he’d amassed over 30k followers.

I won’t pretend to remember what it was that got me blocked by Jamie Kay. I remember challenging him about something in one of his Tweets, I’m pretty hardcore on misogyny, racism, ableism and slights against the LGBTQ community. It was probably something minor, but he chose to block me rather than defend his position. That was probably six months ago, and it was no loss to my Twitter experience.

Fast forward to March 2021 and it’s become blatantly apparent that Jamie Kay is NOT a socialist. In 2018, he was a self-confessed Tory voter and like all Tory voters, Jamie has some pretty disturbing views.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Sky News report of a Black youth being charged murder. Kay Tweets “What is it with black (sic) youths and knives?”

Of course, nothing stays buried for long on Twitter and someone else, who’d scratched the surface of Jamie’s faux socialism, brought the old Tweet to the attention of the #SocialistSunday crowd. Jamie could easily have apologised, said that these were no longer his views or given some kind of explanation for his behaviour. Instead he doubled down on the comment. According to Jamie. Black people and our supporters are taking the Tweet about Black youths and knife crime out of context. To clarify, there is no context within which this is acceptable. Jamie claims he was asking an important out of a deep concern for the Black community. I guess his care and commitment to the Muslim community compelled him to Tweet this.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: BBC News headline reads – Huddersfield child sex inquiry: Thirty one people charged.

As with all racists, Jamie’s concern does not stretch to protecting us from those who mean us harm. In fact, when we bring his racism to the fore, Jamie calls upon them to harass us and have our accounts suspended.

Meet Willow Bella. Not the type of account that you’d expect a socialist to entertain, but here’s Jamie begging her for a follow. Willow is a well known far right troll with several accounts which she uses for her more blatant racism. Here’s what she thinks of Black Lives Matter, but of course she has lots of love for All Lives Matter and White Lives Matter.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Twitter account of English Willow / Willow Bella, sporting the Cross of St George flag.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Jamie Kay Tweet – @Willow_Bella. Hi any chance of a follow back?

When Willow’s not humping the flag, you’ll find her harassing Black women and instigating pile ons in a bid to have our accounts suspended.

This weekend Jamie set Willow, and her white supremacist followers, on myself and around a dozen Black accounts who are working unpaid overtime to expose Jamie’s racism to his 30k followers, most of whom were amassed through #SocialistSundays.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION – 2 Willow Bella Tweets “Fuck BLM” and “White Lives Matter.”

Here’s another of Jamie’s friends. Ram Bhojani uses his brown skin as a shield to protect himself and his followers from accusations of racism and anti-Blackness. A Conservative with more flags on his account than a Hitler Rally, Ram believes that Black people are the ‘most racist people in the UK.’

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Twitter profile and heavily filtered profile pic of a South Asian male with average looks and more flags than a Hitler rally.

Black women are Ram’s preferred target, along with his gammon army, he rejoices in our downfalls and eggs on his racist followers to attack on his behalf, leaving them to spurt the most vicious anti-Blackness while Ram himself tries unsuccessfully to maintain a degree of respectability.

Here’s Ram admitting to being ‘racist by association.’ He likes to hang out with white nationalist John Broadhead, encouraging his attacks on Black women and liking his Tweets like the one bellow, congratulating him for an attack on a Black Twitter user and agreeing with John’s sentiments that ‘blacks (sic) are the most racist people in the UK.

The tactic that Jamie, Ram and the rest of the racist clan are using is called ‘brigading.’ According to Urban Dictionary: ‘Brigading is an online harassment tactic where a group of people rally against an individual (or occasionally against a small group of people) in a coordinated, sustained and organized way’

For the lone victim, brigading is a horrifying experience. Brigadiers gaslight, torment, and goad Black people into reacting, at which point, they mass report the victim and have their Twitter accounts restricted. Riding to Jamie’s defence, Ram, Willow Bella, John Broadhead and an army of sock accounts (some of whom pretend to be Black), have dedicated an entire weekend to fascist Twitter activity. We persevered, determined that the Twitter left would see through Jamie Kay’s think veil of left-wing solidarity and protect #SocialistSundays from misuse.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: One of Jamie’s brigadiers, Mells, Tweets – “Can you DM me pls I have some info on the troll harassing you”

Unfortunately for me, Jamie and Ram’s friend Mells, went to my Facebook account and took photographs of my autistic son Romario. Posting his gorgeous pic on Twitter with a title mocking him for being autistic, Mells exposed the fact that Jamie is not only a racist, but a vile ableist too.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A smiling 10-year-old Black boy in a red coat on his way to school. Trolls have added the description “Take your autistic kid to work day.”

Our campaign to raise awareness of Jamie’s right-wing behaviour seems to be working, but it shouldn’t be up to Black people to spend our time and energy exposing racists in socialist circles. We’ve been keeping house for white people since 1619 and enough is enough. Socialists need to be as dedicated as we are in making socialist Twitter a safe space for Black people and do the heavy lifting that we have been forced to undertake.

Who knows how long it will take for socialists to see that Jamie Kay is an abusive racist? He’s still got his following despite openly fraternising with white nationalist and their brown skinned assistants. What I do know is that this issue has now received enough exposure to reassure any decent socialist that anyone who still follows Jamie Kay is complicit. Silence is violence!


  1. Wow, wow, wow!!! Jude keep up the good fight. These are vile specimens. What a way to live life victimising people.

    Very informative blog.

    Lynette xx

    On Mon, 29 Mar 2021, 16:23 Much a Jude About Nothing, wrote:

    > judygatiss posted: ” #SocialistSunday was born out of the collective grief > of socialists following Corbyn’s electoral defeat and their fears of a Tory > Brexit. It was a rallying cry for socialists to unite, to fight the rising > fascism stirred up by the Tories and their right” >


  2. Thank you Jude for your impressive article. @Willow__Bella has been encouraging her followers to participate in abusing black people on Twitter, and balantly had their accounts suspended for doing nothing wrong. All they did was fought back against her Racist followers.
    She falsely accused them of abuse and harrassment towards her and she is the one who is doing the Racist abuse.
    Her followers (@Tenby_Mosque who claims to be Tenby Mosque and Refuge Centre is a fake account.) have been exposing private information about black people’s employment details and photos from LinkedIn and Instagram.
    @Willow__Bella has two twitter accounts because her previous accounts were suspended for Racism towards Black people and BLM
    She also manipulative and claims she is a victim of Racism which is not true. There was no Harrassment at all and Twitter has allowed her to get away with it. I have sent an appeal to the directors of twitter who are and But still awaiting reply


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