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The Racism Rundown – Russian Dolls Edition

Russian dolls cos you take down one Twitter racist and then another and another come crawling out of their guts. How did I get here? Well it started with a horrible right-wing, beer swilling swine called Jamie Kay who was posing as a socialist in a bid to increase his following. Myself and others highlighted a number of racist Tweets he made and made a ton of enemies. Liberals… That’s what I thought, but the last week has proven that there’s something fouler at play than I ever imagined. This isn’t liberalism. This is right wing infiltration of socialist circles. A sinister, strategic campaign that I’m guessing is designed to keep the Twitter left in a constant state of turmoil, infighting and mistrust.

Forgive me if this week’s Racism Rundown lacks humour. I write how I feel in the moment and today I’m feeling sad for the comrades who have faced more online abuse than I’ve ever witnessed coming from the right wing. This isn’t about friends. This isn’t about loyalties bonded with faceless accounts on Twitter. This is about fighting racism. All of the time. Not just when it’s directed from the right, but when it places you in uncomfortable positions with people you like, respect or love. Thanks to everyone who has supported me through the last few weeks. Some of you have lost friends, had your names dragged through the mud and had your most difficult experiences trodden all over by these monsters. Endless love and solidarity to you all.

Number 5

John West @JohnWest_JAWS. Last week Johns friend Kercle was in the number 5 spot. She’s spent the last 7 days simmering in the rotten juices of her self-imposed victimhood, fermenting in her wild belief that her friends should be able to target Black people, have them doxed, racially abused and receive a kind, unifying response from their victims. In Kercle’s defence, John A.K.A Tuna Boy, wrote a condescending post directed at yours truly in which he gave me an ultimatum. Either I leave Kercle alone as she continues to abuse me behind a block or I will face the consequences. Of course, me being me, I went for the consequences, but before I get to them. A little more about Tuna Boy. TB is another faceless fucker with 17k followers. He likes to retweet his friend’s jokes, leaving no oppressed community unoffended. Inuit, transgender people, Irish people and Thai people are but punchlines on John’s timeline. More tuna flake than chunk, Tuna Boy didn’t have the intellectual ammunition to deal with me so he called in the cavalry. And when I say cavalry, I mean a bunch of tormented Twitter followers who were already starting to feel the winds of fate rattling their faux socialist house of cards.

Number 4

In at number 4 through the sheer violence and absurdity  of her Tweets is 3 Girls, who I’m pretty sure has found an extra girl to share the cup and fill her entire being with shit. Coming in strong in John’s defence with promises to track me down with her dog and her sisters, this Toby jug of a lass peaked early and got took out by quick fingered comrades hitting the report button. The jester faced Belfast girl may well be back under a fake profile, but it’s hard to tell when you have thirty or so of them making their way to your Twitter profile each day.

Number 3

Kiera, alleged Child Sexual Abuse activist pipped 3 Girls to the number 3 post by mere inches. Another one who’s hot for past its used by tuna, Kiera tried to strike a terrifying chord with threats to ruin me on Twitter, get me at all costs and make my life hell. Yawns. Together with her associate Flipper, Kiera accused me of being a child sex offender and instructed the devious dolphin to keep me busy until the kids were all safely home from school. One of her tactics to keep children safe from child abuse apparently. Unfortunately it was the school holidays so I was left to look after my own bloody child with absolutely no intentions of kidnapping someone else’s.

Number 2

Mrs Brown is at Number 2 with her big hit… Actually nothing ever hits with Miss B, I say miss cos nobody would touch this piece of shit with a barge pole, let alone marry it. As sick and twisted as a chlamydia coated tampon string, Miss Brown is a late contender and only features thanks to a solid two days of the venomous projectile vomiting not seen since the premier of The Exorcist. This bitch needs a two week soak in holy water, the prayers of 1000 devout Muslims, 5 exorcisms and a team from every Christian denomination to drive out her demons. Another fishy friend of Tuna Boy, Miss Brown’s creepy ass profile pic is enough to give Candy Man nightmares and a quick scan of her Twitter mentions reveals that this woman has dedicated her whole life to hate. In an attempt to thwart this publication on behalf of her fascist friends, Miss Brown has mocked a disabled comrade’s traumatic childhood experiences, lied that my neighbours have a hate campaign against me, ridiculed my seriously ill daughter, threatened me with police and social services and published lies about me sent to her by my long time stalker. Whatup fash fanny it’s here and there’s fuck all you can do about it.

Number 1

Smashing all contenders, at number 1 this week it’s Roanna Carelton Taylor with a fresh 2021 remix of ‘I’ve done so much for you people.’ In the words of Sunshine Anderson, we’ve ‘heard it all before.’

The founder of supposed antifa group #ResistingHate, Roanna and her loyal ‘activists’ claim to be ridding social media of fascists. Looking like the head boss you have to face when you beaten all the doctor’s receptionists, Roanna claims to have had 10k racist accounts removed from social media. Riding into the competition on her white stead in defence of Tuna Boy, the high priestess of privilege really said that all challenging racism appointments must be booked through her. Backed by vocalists Flipper and Monkey, Roanna’s screeching vocals paid tribute to racists past and present. Starting smooth and steady with ‘This must be a misunderstanding, these are good people,’ and building to a deafening crescendo of ‘you’re the real fascists intent on destroying the left.’

Deploying her musty sock accounts Flipper and Monkey to release the true contents of her spiteful heart, their harmonies gave off an 80’s vibe with slurs like ‘mong’ and ‘retard’ pulsing through every bar. The low point came when Roanna insisted that none of the Black people present had experienced what she’d faced, safe behind her screen, protected by white skin should she need to involve the police. An amazing Black comrade challenged her by recounting her experience of being a victim of a racially motivated rape. The disclosure was met by mocking by Roanna’s sock account Cheeky Monkey and when horrified comrades demanded she condemn this vile act of racism, Roanna stated only that they had her ‘never ending support and loyalty.’

Roanna Carleton Taylor is trash and by association, so is #ResistingHate. In a now deleted FB post, Roanna told her 18k followers that I’m a fascist to be avoided at all costs. The post was only removed when her bile was shared in groups where members vouched for me. She then proceeded to blackmail me, telling group members that if I stop speaking out about her, she won’t publish a blog about me. Bring it on, Roanna, you claim to be a witch but really you’re a grand wizard and very soon, everyone who matters will know the truth.

Thanks for reading my blog and I want to leave you with a warning. The pandemic has been long, lonely and difficult and many people who have been isolated have formed strong bonds with strangers, many of whom don’t use their real names or photographs. I’m sure that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that there are many more layers to this Russian doll. Protect yourselves, Twitter is not real life but the consequences could be. Until next week x

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  1. Hi Judy.
    I had enough of faux Socialists on Twitter. I wish you much love, ans a ll the best for the future.
    Can you say hi/bye to people for me?
    Much love and respect.


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