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The Racism Rundown – #ResistingHate Edition

Another week, another deluge of online racism coming from the left. Supposed allies and antiracists #ResistingHate have spewed so much racism that Tommy Robinson is rethinking his entire career and the sound of party poppers were heard coming from the grave of Enoch Powell. As RH founder, Roanna Carleton Taylor claims my accusations are an attempt to undermine the real antiracists, other big accounts step in to save her. There is nothing new under the sun and the latest episode of white women framing themselves as the heroines of our movement, white tears and reverse racism is as old as the struggle for Black liberation itself.

The Betrayal

For almost two centuries, the white women’s feminist movement has piggy-backed on the work of Black heroines, from Sojourner Truth to Harriet Tubman, our struggle has been little more than a device to propel their own politics and position in society. Harriet Tubman freed the enslaved, carrying them hundreds of miles to relative safety in the North. White women lauded Tubman as a feminist icon, but their treatment of her was little more than contemptuous. While Harriet’s missions on the Underground Railroad captured the imaginations of privileged white women and their rich donors, Harriet had to beg them for money. They were certain that this brave, powerful woman, could not be trusted with the funds raised on her behalf and she spent most of her life in abject poverty. Still her image was used at rallies, her fight was utilised to gain attention to the white woman’s plight. Harriet Tubman died penniless, dependent on charity while the white women who used her to raise money lived lives of luxury.

I say all of this because every generation of Black women tries to forget the betrayal of our grandmothers and join hands with other victims of the patriarchy. Every generation we learn the harsh lesson that white women will always put whiteness ahead of solidarity with Black women. This is not my first experience of the white woman’s betrayal, I’m sure it won’t be the last, but it’s the most public showing of arses I’ve been involved in and the most blatant disregard for my safety or wellbeing that white women have shown me since I was in care back in the 80’s.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: White female member of #ResistingHate denies the existence of systemic racism.

Much like the feminists who co-opted Harriet Tubman’s bravery, many non-Black female activists have gained great notoriety on the back of #BlackLivesMatter and the antifascist movement here in the UK. Every day they post about the injustices we face and the brutality we endure. They attend rallies, protests and have very much been centred by left wing media. They are lauded as courageous and have become figureheads of a movement while Black women have to rely on support from our own community and a small number of genuine allies. Our greatest heroines are reduced to small platforms, barely getting a look as white women take centre stage.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Roanna Tweets a disgusting Tweet mocking George Floyd’s death, suggesting that getting Tweets taken down is more harrowing than the experiencing life as a Black person. She accuses the Black women she is opposing of having achieving nothing in our lives and using our skin as a credential.

See we’re supposed to be grateful that the white woman takes any concern in the issues we face. So grateful that we allow her to define racism and only tackle the type of racism that she approves. Her friends are off limits. They can throw banana emojis at us, use grotesque ableist language, doxx us, label us with harmful stereotypes and if we rail against them, we are the ones sowing division.

Let’s not forget, that this whole saga began with me calling out a socialist with a 30k following about Tweets criminalising Black youths and framing grooming gangs as an Islamic issue. Since then, the Twitter socialist movement has fallen like dominoes. One after the other, running to the defence of their racist friends who have suffered nothing more than harsh words from myself and comrades who like me, have small Twitter followings. There are currently dozens of accounts desperately trawling my media to find any comment that might distract left wing Twitter from their racism.

Intersectional feminism was created by Black queer women who understood the dangers that patriarchy and white feminism posed for them. They created a safe space from which they could manifest a political response to their oppression. Identity politics is slammed by liberals but held close to the hearts of all who understand the risks to organising with people who do not share our struggle. Intersectional feminism does not question the experience of the oppressed. It centres the super-exploited and takes our definitions of our lived oppression as gospel. For much of this 400 year fight, we have organised alone, with white people intervening at intervals.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Dr Louise Raw Tweets support for #ResistingHate, ‘The account tweets banana emojis cos their handle is ‘monkey.’ Has done this for years.

The intermittent intervention of white opportunists almost always ends with the silencing of Black voices and the elevation of white figures who take it upon themselves to speak on our behalf. Their experience fighting fascists behind the safety and privilege that having white skin provides, trumps the dangers we face every day. Should we ever call out this privilege, accusations and tears flow in all directions. White womanhood is weaponised against us. The very traits that they are lauded for when they fight racists are hated when we deploy them and become justification for our demonization. They can face off with white fascists in the street, but lord let a Black woman ask a white woman to check her privilege and the white tears flow as the white sisterhood comes out with teeth bared to put us back in our place. There is never any apology, our comments and arguments are ignored as the white woman removes herself from the situation until enough white people are filled with pity and prepared to support her against the nasty Black women who dared to question her authority to speak on our behalf. She returns with enough white solidarity to silence the criticism levied at her by Black women and maintain her position as a respected voice against racism.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Dr Louise Raw Tweets that she foolishly stepped in and claims that Black women were misunderstanding the meaning of bananas Tweeted at them.

Reassured that her white supporters are not going to hold her to account, the white woman is emboldened enough to reassert her position as the authority on anti-Blackness and mock the efforts of actual Black people in the fight against racism. Victorious, she reminds us how much she’s done for us people, to the applause of white activists who breathe a sigh of relief that their own activism will never involve taking a look in the mirror.

Cue calling on the support of the white sisterhood, the white woman is now the victim. The attacks on Black women are but a distant memory and the racists who made them celebrate as white women further demonise their targets. As white liberal women enjoy their virtual love in, the Black women who once trusted them are left disappointed, disillusioned and mistrustful. The familiar betrayal is made no less painful because we understand the historical roots of the white woman’s betrayal, but it does leave us more certain that the struggle is one that we will mainly endure alone. No white women were actually hurt in the making of this episode. Nobody forced them to step in on the side of racists who think we should be back in chains and made reference to Hutu’s as some type of slur. This was nothing more than a pledge of allegiance to white sisterhood. Together they can overcome all calls to unpack their own racism and defeat Black women with the very weapons against racism they created and shared with them.

#ResistingHate have now been given a pass to carry on their attacks on me by the white sisterhood. This new betrayal trickles all the way down to the original racist I called out who is similarly enthused by their failure to address any of the racism perpetuated over the last month, stepping in only to mop up white women’s tears. Black women standing up to overt racism have been reduced to ‘idiots’ who need stabbing, without any examination of the facts. The court of white socialist Twitter has spoken and overwhelmingly condemned the Black female victims.

Still we move!

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