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The Racism Rundown

#SocialistSunday continues unmoved by the grotesque racism that’s been ripping through the left for 6 weeks now. Socialist Twitter is a numbers game, each follower gained is an ounce of credibility for the user, an army to protect them from critique or condemnation. The same people who picked up the BLM hashtag and roared with rage at the Trump and Johnson administrations are now being exposed to the same tactics employed by the alt right and they are faring worse than anyone could have imagined.

For those who are new to this the story goes like this. I called out notorious hashtag hoe, Jamie Kay, for stereotyping Black boys as knife criminals and Muslims as paedophiles. Standard behaviour for someone who doesn’t like racists right? Wrong. Not when said person has a 30k strong following of socialists, many with massive accounts of their own.

A few twists and turns later I’m here, getting attacked by Blue ticks, lied about and racially slurred daily cos I won’t accept their narrative that I’m ‘Mad Black Judy’ stirring up the left for attention or a part of several conspiracy theories whirling around me. I hate the attention. I’m a writer. I like solitude, simplicity and time to think. But how do I stop? How do I turn away from this? How do any of you turn away from this? I don’t have time for this. But I’ve got time for this.

There’s a push to expand the boundaries of ‘acceptable’ levels of racism among the left. There’s a lot of speculation as to what’s behind this, but my own thoughts are that this is the organic result of antiracism gone wrong. A predestined malfunction that occurs when a large section of the white population get to see the violence of imperialism up close and shudders itself into a state of semi-consciousness. They show up at the scene of the tragedy, expecting to battle a monster but lacking the most important piece of kit an ally can arm themselves with. A mirror.

The most effective allies to Black people know when to shut the fuck up and listen. For anyone who’s not sure it’s at the very point a Black opens their mouths to speak on anti-Blackness. I know that gets the #ResistingHate racists right in the guts. Cos they see simply listening to and believing Black people as an act of subservience.

White people who stand in solidarity with me are simps, cultists or sexually motivated. Moving out of a sphere where dominance is constantly upheld in favour of non-Black people and into a an arena where we curate and lead the conversation is difficult for most. Antiracism is like exercise. If it doesn’t burn you’re not working hard enough.

The burn was particularly painful when United for Black Lives signalled their support. When efforts to convince them that their racism strewn timelines were all a part of mad Black Judy’s attention seeking scheme failed, United for Black Lives became the target of their smears. Calling them everything from illegitimate to a front set up to support me. So deeply convinced of my evilness, ‘antiracists’ are ready to tear down movements to protect their favourite white Twitter personalities before they accept my right to challenge racism on my own terms. Even when the people attacking me admit exactly what they were doing.

Sad Bastard Aesop is one characters who have reached Trumpian levels of propaganda spreading. How the fuck this degenerate, unflushable piece of racist turd was allowed to spawn a large following of socialists is just one of many questions left Twitter needs to be asking itself. Safe behind their screen, Aesop plays to the crowd mocking me with bananas, revelling at the new Judy Gatiss loophole that allows leftists to be racist if they perceive the victim is a bad person or exaggerating their claims. Fervent in their hatred of me, Aesop is never far aware from the more overt racism. She’s found her mojo and the confidence that the majority of her followers now accept that there’s a time and place for racist taunts and slurs.

Aesop slipped into racist rapture when two Black women came out to bat for the racist clown troupe, Ro-Ro, Joker, Bobo, Monkey, Red ‘n’ Raw. Refusing to engage me on the facts of the story, they got straight on with my online mental health assessment, blocking me and any other Black person who challenged them and assassinating our characters. Because they like and trust the people at the centre of this storm, they feel they have a right to declare them beyond critique. They feel entitled to police our ability to recognise racism and impose restrictions upon our responses to it cos they’re friends with the great white hopes of antiracism. Look, if you’re happy to have a non-Black, alleged POC, hiding behind a Monkey avatar throw bananas emojis at you with the consent of white antifascists that’s your right. But you don’t get to impose that on anyone else and when you recklessly repeat the racially loaded propaganda that’s been aimed at us, you have no right to cry racism when other Black people draw historical comparisons to highlight the dangerous position you have taken.

Now we have leftists leveraging the type of language we see coming from the right wing every day. Calling us racists for ignoring Black voices we disagree with. Now where have we heard that before? Where have we seen Black people being trotted out to defend white people from scrutiny? I don’t think I’ve seen any Black Tory go to such great lengths to protect whiteness as Cathy and Natalie ‘Poundshop Wendy Williams’ Rowe, did this week. Rolled out to do the dirty work of doxxing and ‘spilling’ cold, scummy tea, served up to them by the racists, framing innocent Black women as bad parents cos they called out their favourite Twitter activists.

According to Cathy, she asked Dr Louise Raw to apologise to me for defending the banana throwers Monkey and Joker. Yet here she is falsely claiming this was a joke between two Black people. Neither Monkey, nor Joker are Black. They identify as ‘brown’ to keep people guessing but most people know Joker to be a South Asian male. A photograph of Monkey’s chest, taken in a suspiciously darkened room, shows her to be the complexion of a Raw rizla paper held up to the light and is quite clearly a white person cosplaying a POC. This was never two friends throwing bananas at each other and Cathy knows it, but now she’s got to continue with this bizarre story to shield her friend, Red Sarah from accountability. Cathy is so desperate to shut me down she posted my business online and has been cheering on others who have been busy trying to make a decent Black man lose his job for calling her out.

And here’s Natalie, looking like Clayton Bigsby at a Klan rally taunting me with bananas. Entering a whole subgenre of ‘comedy’ that most of us are trying to forget, where the joke is well and truly on her. This is the woman who hangs out with Tories and lives off the story that well documented racist, Boris Johnson offered her a watermelon at a party. I’m not saying that never happened, I’m just saying if it did, she twerked on that bitch. I’ll add, I’d have had a much more interesting story to tell you had the sentient scrotum tried that shit with me.

Louise Raw is still missing in action. Giving zero fucks about the shit show she helped to create and waiting until enough people are convinced I’m a piece of shit before she returns to floods of white women’s tears of pity and devotion. But she can’t control the cat. It’s out of the bag and it’s shitting and pissing all over left Twitter for everyone to see.

The accolades of white people have no value in the fight for Black liberation. Antiracism is not a place of comfort for the victim or the ally. I’m not here to be petted by the white left and I’m comfortable with being uncomfortable for as long as they’re comfortable with racism. I’m at ease with the hatred because that’s the exact emotion I want to stir in racists who would rather label me a narcissist than look in the mirror.

Nobody has to do anything. They can pretend everything is good on the Twitter left and that a radicalised hardcore of Black and Mixed Race women are trying to destabilize their well oiled antifascist machine that’s proved oh so fucking effective over the last decade. They can use every right wing strategy to smear and discredit me for as long as they like but the lesson is already learned. What’s been seen can’t be unseen and the words of those who refuse to do the heavy lifting, will never ring true beyond their white circle of influence where accolades and validation manifest into nothing more than likes and retweets.

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