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Racism Rundown – Suspended Edition

I’ve been escalated. Pushed to the top of the agenda. The grift left put on their socks, sounded the alarm and helped the racists get me suspended from Twitter. Last night, white liberals celebrated my exit with drinks while I sat with the truth and the lessons I’ve learned over the past couple of months. Most of this I knew. Passed down by Black academics, writers and activists past and present. Through my experiences  in the corporate world where white women jostle for a position alongside the white hetero patriarchy. From school and university. I knew this, but I’m still taken back by the fervour with which white women will uphold white supremacy and the danger they expose us to in the process.

I say I’ve been escalated because this whole episode has exposed the hierarchical nature of left Twitter. When I confronted racist, Jamie Kay, it triggered a chain reaction. First low level socialists came to intercept me, followed by bigger and more prominent accounts when I refused to bow to their bullying, racial abuse and doxing. For two months white liberals have tried to silence me by reporting my Twitter account. With the help of Rachael Swindon and her troll army, they believe they have succeeded.

They failed on two counts. 1. I’m still here. 2. They used their privilege and platforms to mobilise with racists to silence Black people. Left Twitter has shown us that when necessary, it will employ every strategy used by the right wing to silence us. They demand that we are perfect victims, that we meet hatred and hostility with grace and a willingness to educate and win over our abusers. Call on every stereotype when we defend ourselves. They will weaponize our own skinfolk against us. Push them right into the crossfire and condemn us when they get hurt. They will lie about anything. They will manipulate information. Fake Tweets. Go after our jobs. Put Black children at risk of poverty, physical harm or the police. All of this to avoid honest dialogue about where white ‘allies’ fucked up.

My child is ‘fair game’ because posting his picture online is asking for him to be abused. Liberal mothers share his picture with disgusting comments about me. Fragile bitches who would shit their pants and spontanaeously prolapse should their precious poppets pictures be used in this way. They see neither myself or my children as worthy of respect or protection and all the liberal protestations in the world will not hide the truth that this is solely about the colour of our skin. The idea disgusts them. They’ve got comfortable thinking they’re on the right side of history. Believing that they are poles apart from their right wing kinfolk when they are one and the same. They may not gather at Trafalgar to protect statues but they’ll defend whiteness with the same ferocity. They’ll invoke Malcom X or Dr King, but never see themselves as the moderates and liberals that hindered their struggle for civil rights. Will never recognise themselves as the barrier between oppressed groups and a united class struggle. They say I am dividing the left, but we were never united. We are a political football, passed around during times of significance then kicked in the long grass when we’ve served our use.

Now we’re here. With white middle class women and ableist, anti-Black accounts defining racism and policing how and when Black people call it out. ‘We’re fighting real racism’ shriek Roanna and her band of race tourists, while Prinny’s Huband calls us Hutus and her friend Joker, celebrates our mental anguish and wishes suicide on us. They started out demanding that we accept their definition of racism as the type meted out by neo-Nazis and have progressed to sending images of a lynchings to Black women without challenge. There seems to be some confusion about what the fuck real racism is so let me fill you in.

Real racism is a white woman with an 80k following shutting down my 3k following account cos she didn’t like how we were dealing with racists and enablers. It’s white guy’s like Woflie, ignoring Black voices to condescendingly whitesplain that intracommunity insults like ‘bounty’ and ‘coconut’ are racial slurs. It’s Louise Raw, thinking for one moment she had a right to tell people what they shouldn’t be offended by. It’s Tim Fenton, an elderly white man using his blog to dismiss and deride me on behalf of racists. Real racism is white women hiding behind blocks abusing me and my daughter daily, then feigning injury like Jim Crow era Karens when they get a reaction. Real racism is white women describing Black women with a variety of animal and insect names. Like dung beetle. It’s prioritising the feelings of white women who have been singed by the argument, above those of the Black women who have been burned and scarred. Real racism is erasing dozens of Black people’s contributions, to insist that I’m supported by a handful of extremists. It’s white men like John West trying to threaten me into silence and then refusing to speak to me until a white person insists that he does. Real racism is so called socialists watching silently as Black people suffer. Real racism is a teary mob of white, liberal women who will cry and cry and cry until Black people are punished. They want a virtual lynching and won’t be satisfied until they see a Black woman destroyed.

There’s no doubt that Rachael Swindon and her industrious stans contributed to my suspension. Criticise Swindon too loudly and out come the socks and her supporters to stifle dissent. It’s true that Rachael made a couple of comments condemning the overtly racist Monkey and Joker but she reflexively defended Louise and only rallied her following when Black women threatened her bag by suggesting that her weak stance was an attempt to maintain the status quo. An antiracism movement directed by the whims, fancies and favouritism of white liberals who have turned socialism into a capitalist endeavour.

Many have lined up to bat on the sides of the racists and their enablers. Damo you fucking tried it. Came wading in like Phil Mitchel and ended up clutching your pearls like Mavis within five minutes. Sit the fuck down. We are the children of the Windrush generation. We don’t give a fuck about your big following or your bald politics.  

Louise Raw, your inability to call out your white sister Roanna when needed has led to the immeasurable abuse of many Black people. Your silence is VIOLENCE. Every day you fail to address the racism doled out by your comrades and affiliates from Resisting Hate condones months this violence against us. You are exercising your full privilege as a white women, to exit the situation and put your allegiances to the white sisterhood above your commitments to antiracism. Your inaction has intensified the danger posed to Black and Mixed Race women, disabled people and comrades. Your privilege to withdraw has caused stress, anxiety and affected the mental wellbeing of many.

Cathy. One of the worst things I’ve seen you do is retweet the sentiments of a white guy who thinks my ten year old, Black, autistic son is ‘fair game’ for abuse because I posted his picture on Twitter. You’re acting like a Black Tory. You’re using their arguments of ‘wrong type of Black person’ and their stereotypes of angry, irrational Black women. You have discredited dozens of Black people who have suffered abuse and slander through standing in solidarity with me. You have monetised our abuse. You have lied, emotionally blackmailed and constantly manipulated in defence of a woman who has fucked off and left you to wash her dirty smalls.  By hand!

Red Sarah. You’re a big disappointment. I thought you were an important voice for white working class people. I thought you got it and would prove to be a powerful force against the white patriarchal power structure. Watching you fold like a deckchair the first time you were asked to check your privilege was an eye opener. I’ve never seen someone so enlightened, abandoned all knowledge and experience so fast. You went from John Brown to Nigel Farage in 60 seconds . I’d like you to try something. Next time you activate your camera to spit venom on our names, how about you try do it without invoking the names of Black murder victims. How about when you’re calling me and my sisters vile, you don’t speak the name of our ancestors like Martin Luther King, in the next breath. Just stop.

Joker is doomed. Now that he’s been exposed as just as racist as the right wingers he claims to take down, his life is over. Six years of rage tweeting, festering in his own ball juices on a dirty mattress has taken its toll. A shell of a man who doesn’t know who he is anymore or where to go from here. A failure. A man who has accredited himself and overshot his importance. Who truly believed he was some kind of virtual super hero. His weapons? Ableist, homophobic and racists slurs. Yeah, I know, apparently antifascists are allowed to use all the slurs if they are erm… fighting fascism. Now his superpowers have been taken away and he’s been dragged into the light, we see that he’s nothing but an anti-Black troll who lacks the physical presence to bully in real life. His hatred for the Black community is clearly conveyed in the accompanying screenshot where Joker claims drugs are the reason we have been held back.

Did I say a failure? I’m talking British Dean level failure. Making lists of people who cross him on the internet. Spending every waking hour hating them, plotting against complete strangers to prove his worth to more strangers on the internet. He and Monkey’s current mission is to destroy the life of a Mixed Race single parent who has a severely ill adult daughter and Black autistic child depending on her. He thinks this is justified because I called his racist friend, John West a racist and objected to bananas emojis directed at Black people. Imagine that. An antifascist who would willingly fuck up a Black child’s life cos his mum crossed him on the internet. A deeply warped, tortured individual with a dirty, dishevelled soul, Joker is powerless in real life and uses the internet to assert his authority over Black people. Making people unhappy is his only fulfilment, his own emotional development arrested at around fourteen years of age, Joker seeks the fear and respect online that he is unable to command in real life.

I see Monkey is back to pretending she is Mixed Race with Black heritage to justify her racism. First of all, no self-respecting Black person would call themselves Monkey and no Mixed Race person should aim bananas at Black people like Mukhtar. This would put them in the category of self-hating, anti-Black. But what do we actually know about Monkey? We know that she’s a deeply disturbed individual. That her entire life revolves around trolling and that she HATES Black women with a passion. We know that she’s homophobic, hates disabled people and uses slurs like your average skinhead in the 1980s. We know that she’s obsessed with me and feels like an accusation of racism gives her the authority to stalk, harass, lie, manipulate and degrade Black and disabled people. We know that her idea of antiracism is trolling right wingers online and that her rhetoric is as simplistically right wing as the likes of Calvin Robinson. We can be certain that she knows nothing of Black, intersectional feminism and works with a basic ass understanding of race that is more suited to a middle-class white woman. I feel very comfortable talking of Monkey’s alleged Blackness, cos she’s been very comfortable trying to erase mine. Unless Monkey can show her face (she can’t) then I’m going to keep assuming that her identifying as ‘brown’ is nothing more than a device to allow her and Joker to continue being racist pieces of shit on the internet.

I’ve missed a lot of people off but this is for all of you. You will never be a match for Black people fighting for truth, liberation and justice. Your racism is logged, stored and ready to bite you on the arse at any time in the future. I’m going nowhere and neither are the screenshots.


  1. That was 🔥🔥🔥 Sis. Brilliantly written, forensically accurate and extremely painful for the racists who dared try to silence The Sound of Blackness.

    Bare respect!

    Daniel H aka Kold_Krush_Bro

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re missed on twitter. We won’t stop batting for you, just because they managed to get you suspended. You matter. What you’ve been. Subjected to matters. We won’t unite the left by ignoring racism


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