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Racism Rundown

White Women Don’t Get to Decide What’s Racist!

Roanna Carleton Taylor Tweet
He doesn't use the N word very regularly except the quotes from rap artists in his bios. And I know Joker very well. He doesn't have prejudice against the black community. If he did he would not be a friend of mine.

There’s something chilling about racist white women. It’s the switch for me. One minute they’re marching with you… FOR YOU… the next they’re quite literally trying to have you killed or hurt. With a smile, a few words of pity and a reminder of how much they’ve done for ‘you people.’

Lately, white liberal women have taken to tagging the names of dead Black people in their posts.  Just to remind us what real racism is. Sometimes they’ll change their Twitter ID to Black Lives Matter, mid argument with a Black man who is asking them not to refer him as ‘Boy.’ They ask us how many Tweets for Palestine we’ve shared today, as our accounts are bombarded with racist abuse. Demand to know what we, the victims of racism, are doing to end racism.

White liberal women have spent the last few years getting ‘woke,’ only to use the knowledge as a weapon against us. They understand Twitter’s racist algorithms and mass report Black people, knowing that our accounts will be suspended. They’ve listened to our stories of state oppression and now call Social Services and the DWP in the hope that the racist system will take our children and sanction our benefits. They watched us cry for our brothers and sisters who have died at the hands of the state, only to call us extremists and make us targets of the same regime. And for what? What could possibly have enraged Beckie to the point she would happily see us incarcerated, physical harmed or killed by far-right extremists? We just asked her to hold her racist friends to account.

Back in March. I called out a white ‘socialist’ for a Tweet stereotyping Black youths as knife criminals. Since then, white socialists have lined up to protect each other from accountability. Drawing bigger and bigger accounts to silence me, my friends and comrades. It started with tropes. Labelling us bullies, aggressive, work shy and bad parents. The longer we stood our ground, the more openly racist they became. Banana emojis. Monkey pictures. Lynching threats. Pictures of me with Swastikas on my head. My sister Jas’ beautiful image degraded and distorted into a gross racist caricature.

I keep coming back to the word fervent. White supremacy is like cocaine for white women. The moment they feel protected, the minute they understand that there will be no consequences for enacting their bias, they become the second most dangerous creature on the planet. Pitched against Black men and women, she knows her word will be verified and corroborated by whiteness.

Today I’m suspended for what I think is the sixth time so to mark this occasion I’m doing a special Racism Rundown featuring some of the most insidious white female racists on the free bird app.

No 5 – Sarah Wiles

Image Description. White woman with a basin cut and a cold stare.

Sarah Wiles. Her hairdresser tried to warn us. Sheared, not trimmed, the helmet headed harasser spends her days abusing Black women and their children, from a place of white, womanly care and concern of course. She lumbers from thread to thread like a zombified dinner lady, tagging any authority from the RSPCA to the DWP. Tagging the police to demand welfare checks on Black and disabled people. Accusing allies of trying to groom her middle-aged ass into a cannabis habit. Demanding police assistance for the doxing of her cat’s image while insisting posting pictures of our Black children is ‘using them as bait.’ When Sarah’s not wasting police time, she can usually be found labelling disabled people as benefit scroungers, conducting online work capability assessments, or discussing their deaths.

No 4 – JustMe111

Picture of a banana with an angry face. Tweet by JustMe111 accompanies the banana pic. It reads 'Defence? I'm not defending myself here. I am literally winding you lot up.

It’s 2.30 AM. The club’s about to close and Jordan’s starting to realise his baby mum meant it when she said if he goes out again, don’t bother coming back. He’s leaned. He knows his balls are sour like a pair of Babybells forgotten in a lunchbox over the weekend. He knows what needs to be done. Yes, her legs look like pair of uncoiled turkey twizzlers but she’s the last single white female standing. DJ and universe conspire to throw Jordan a lifeline… “I’ve been watching you… alalalalalong…. alalalalalalong-long-li-long-long-long.” She twerk lurches in his direction, unable to resist the draw of the only on beat pelvis in the club.

She thought it would never end. He called her ‘Legs’ and her daughter Lily loved him, her friends said they’d never seen the place looking so tidy. She started buying 99p gel, hoop earrings and saying ‘rassclart.’ She never took it as far as washing her chicken though, she had her limits, but she was ready to tell her da she was seeing a ‘half-caste’ fella.

One fateful night, Legs awoke to find an empty space beside her. Hearing Jordan’s muffled voice downstairs she crept out of bed to investigate. “Babe, I know what your friend thought she saw, but I swear to you I haven’t been walking no white kid to school. Like man’s gonna be eating turkey twizzlers when he’s got pepper steak at home.” Their affair was over before it started but Legs would never forget. Today she roams these Twitter streets seeking retribution and equal rights for white women everywhere.

No 3 – Roanna Carleton Taylor

Head boss receptionist and founder of alleged anti hate group, Resisting Hate, Roanna Carleton Taylor, takes the number three spot because she benefits the least from her campaign of hatred. Roanna’s racism is raw, filtered only through her use of sock accounts through which she can express her most base and unreasoned bigotry without being held accountable.

In the past, Roanna’s pieces have reflected the common consensus of antifascists. Like most of these white ‘ally’ ‘writers’, she once regurgitated the expressions of marginalised communities, centring herself of course, as a woman taking huge risks to fight online racism. When I was attacked by Resisting Hate trolls and fought back, Roanna appeared to defend them, but there’s no doubt that their attacks were at her command. Each of the top three uses this method to suppress, what I can only describe as ‘descent’ among left Twitter users. Their trolls enter the fray first in the hope that their queens can keep their hands clean. Should their efforts be unsuccessful then she will go public and rally her loyal Twitter subjects.

Back in May, the fascism coming out of Resisting Hate was undeniable, it would have been outlandish to continue so Roanna put out a statement of resignation, vowed to focus on her oil painting and leave us ungrateful bastards to fend for ourselves on these Twitter streets. Her self-imposed exile lasted a brief, but sweet 6 hours.

Something snapped. Team Resisting Hate had always tried to define racism on terms that were more acceptable for white people, but Roanna began to make a definitive break from the politics general accepted by genuine antifascists, to something more in line with the classical liberalism of Laurence Fox. Attacks on identity politics, casting her beady eye on victims lest they be undeserved, making demands that disabled people push themselves to the limit in return for her respect and their dignity. Overnight, Roanna morphed into a Spiked writer. We waited. Surely these attacks on the ideologies promoted by Black Lives Matter and prominent Black academics and activists would be a step too far? Nah. Slowly, popular left figures began to share her right wing musings on the perils of letting marginalised people curate their own movements.

Roanna is only number three because she is the bulldog. An essential role in the grift left racket, but little rewarded. The odd shout out here, an endorsement from higher up there. Roanna is the head boss receptionist. She can’t prescribe your medicine, but she can sure as hell make sure getting it is an unnecessarily unpleasant experience. Ultimately, she’s an easy sacrifice and she knows it. The moment consequences land for number one and two, she’ll be the first thrown under the bus.

No 2 – Rachael Swindon

Rachael Swindon Tweet that reads 'The people you keep defending are abusers. The anti racist community is over here. You have stepped out of it to fight the battles of known racists, doxxers and abusers. I have receipts - I have chosen to hang on to them for a good reason. None of us are infallible, even you.

Swindon rose to left Twitter fame on Corbyn’s coat tails, today she clings hopelessly to every last drop of favour curried from their distant but relentlessly milked association. Preferring to hide behind a Rapunzel avatar cos just finished a 12-hour shift at the launderette isn’t giving the right Twitter optics, Rachael is the white liberal saviour nobody asked for.

In political years, Rachael is still in her infancy. Six years ago, she had no interest in politics, so we have to ask why she was best placed to command Jeremy Corbyn’s online Twitter army? Rachael serves up the issues of the day in a way that’s just right for the sensitive, white liberal palate. The most she is ever going to ask of her following is a retweet, or the price of a coffee or two.

With 80k followers, Rachael’s inner circle believe her popularity is proof of her rightness in all matters and any criticism of their ‘queen’ is met with accusations of jealousy. Everyone wants to be Rachael they say. I guess if you’re a bigoted piece of shit then yes. Being Rachael could be advantageous. You can say shit like #chromosmeconfusion, insinuating that a detractor has a chromosomal condition like Down’s Syndrome and as such, shouldn’t be taken seriously. Being Rachael means the freedom to refer to Black women as hyenas and dung beetles. It’s a licence to call poor people chavs and question their benefits status. Being Rachael means never having to reflect or apologise. She is the status quo. A living, breathing example of how white women knock the wind out of antiracism movements

And why apologise. Why accept that organising a six-month campaign of smears and abuse to silence victims of racism is wrong when you can jump on a sock or get your friends to post shit like this? Why degrade yourself with accountability when you can bully podcasters into withdrawing their invitations to stop me talking about how racist you are? Why bother doing the right thing when you’ve got an endless queue of simps and hooligans who are willing to risk hate crime charges on your behalf?

Rachael has plans for left Twitter. She and her band of politically bald, middle aged white men are Creating Socialism. A political movement with all the thrill of tapioca and posing about the same amount of threat to the Tories. Which I think is Swindon’s whole point and why she is number two.

No 1 – Dr Louise Raw

And they don't target the far right. In fact they RT & work with them to try to target antifascists. When you're working with actual violent nazis who have police files for trying to persuade men henchment on telegram to attack left wing women, that should give you pause

The quiet one. She who will not be drawn into tiresome debates with ‘the Blacks’ as her friends like to call us. Dr Raw knows racism better than any of us and she has the protest shots to prove it. She’s aghast, a delicate rose at the mercy of aggressive extremists, above speaking directly to any of the Black people involved in the row. Louise takes the top spot because she is the most calculated. Her strategy has been simple. Leave the minions like Rachael and Roanna to scrap it out and interject only to insist that we are the real fascists.

One of Resisting Hate’s early strategies was to serve us up to the far right. Some of us were signed up to far-right mailing lists and Raw’s comrades Monkey and Joker would tag known racists into Tweets and threads. The plan backfired, the right wingers’ personal beef with Resisting Hate far outweighed their interest in us. They got comfy on the sidelines, following us on their socks for the latest instalment of Resisting Hate drama. It was the far right who captured an old argument between Monkey and Joker in which Joker’s identity was revealed as Sameed Damj. To protect Damj, Resisting Hate claim that anyone who opens one of the many blogs identifying Joker, are ‘colluding with the far right.’

Louise Raw has helped spread this dangerous, racist narrative far and wide. In case people aren’t suitably moved, she ties us to specific far right figures and their hate crimes. In one swipe at us, she leveraged the passing of an activist, claiming that we were involved with people who drove her to her death. The idea is to inspire revulsion among her followers and of course there are always lashings of self-adulation from the heroine who glorifies the most basic acts of allyship.

Louise Raw is inciting hatred. Her words are carefully chosen to paint us as a threat to left unity. She may not have shared the image of me branded with a swastika on my forehead or Jas depicted as a hideous black skinned troll, but her words amount to the same thing and pose us the same amount of danger.

Dr Raw’s refusal to speak on the bigotry of her associates is a seal of approval. She is willing to sacrifice our safety for the sake of her public image and is providing cover for her cadre as they spread their weak, white liberal message around Left Twitter.

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