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When Hate Takes Over

How far is too far for Sarah Wiles?

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Let’s talk about Sarah Wiles. ‘Urghhhh’ you say, simultaneously losing your appetite and will to live. I know… it’s an ugly subject, but someone has to tackle it.

In spring last year, myself and a number of Black women were attacked by an organised troll network for pointing out an obviously racist post. Almost immediately, the trolls began bombarding us with gorilla and golliwog pictures. Of course, we reacted strongly, more so when my autistic 10-year old’s image was lifted from Facebook and captioned ‘Bring your autistic kid to work day.” It was at this point, we were first introduced to Resisting Hate, a group who claim to be antifascists ridding the internet of racism. But they weren’t here to complain about racial slurs and the attack on a child. Nope, they were here to attack Black women defending themselves. Sarah Wiles was part of this politically raggedy collective who saw racism and chose to attack the victims.

Where the fuck did she come from? Well she’s had a long career harassing people in real life and on the internet using many fake profiles. Her claim to fame? Dressing up as a nun and harassing NHS workers, which earned her a court record and a warning to refrain from similar behaviour in the future. Did she learn? Did she fuck. She’s spent years searching for confrontation on the internet. Her final form is a manifestation of misery, powered by inadequacy and a need to preserve the lie that her online antics are of value. From the minute she rises, every waking moment is dedicated to this campaign of hatred. Sarah’s favourite weapon is her claim of being autistic, something I have trouble accepting given her lack of regard for the ableism aimed at me (autistic) and my son.

Sarah’s first obsession was my daughter Rudy, who, angered by the comments about her brother, created a Twitter account to cuss bad wud. The moment Wiles discovered my daughter had a heart transplant and was receiving dialysis treatment she began to deny her medical conditions and disabilities. Denial of protected characteristics is a frequent tactic of Resisting Hate. When Rudy proved her wrong, Wiles switched to spending her days discussing Rudy’s diagnosis and trying to trigger me with talk of her death. Wiles even went as far as cosigning and retweeting a Tweet that said my daughter should be composted to save the NHS money.

Tweet from Wiles "You shut nothing down @WMPolice a welfare check needed for Ms Gatiss and her daughter who has been stalking people behind a block. Who is caring for the vulnerable child while she is harassing people on Twitter again?

For the last year, Sarah Wiles has dined out on screenshots of our responses to her ghoulish provocation. She claims we’ve harassed her family, but nobody has ever reached out to them or any organisation linked to them. Unlike Sarah, whose morbid fascination with us, has her crawling the internet until all hours, looking for a workplace she can smear us to, tagging everyone from governing bodies to terrorism police and of course, calling Social Services to alert them to me and my son. She claims to have done this out of genuine concern. A ‘wellbeing check’ she called it, knowing damn well these types of interactions are dangerous for Black people. We’ve all seen the videos. We know how violence against Black people is coated as genuine concern. How these Karens cower when they are challenged over their behaviour and then reach for every racist system to punish us.

True to form, she’s crying now. Long posts about her being an autistic victim of a bullying cult, using neurodiversity as a shield to protect her from scrutiny. She explains away her hideous behaviour as an autistic trait, a desire for fairness and justice, while labelling me an aggressive danger to society.

She says she’s not responsible for the words of other Twitter users. I beg to differ. She follows an account that routinely promotes violence against my child. She follows every new account Joker spawns after he’s suspended for threats of violence and hate speech. She repeats smears that originated with him and by virtue of her attacks on me, Jas and Tanya, is assisting a self-confessed, wannabe child abuser. His latest header was a threat to my son’s safety. In her twisted mind, this is justified, morally acceptable and behaviour worthy of an antihate organisation. Despite evidence to the contrary, she maintains Resisting Hate and Joker’s positions are honourable. If she dare take this stance publicly, what the fuck does she get up to in private? What other sordid plans for me and my child is she involved in or privy to? Is she still in employed in the care of vulnerable people? Is there a limit? Is there a line she won’t cross or is it the case that, when it comes to crossing her friends on the internet, anything goes? That’s the impression that I get. That’s the thing that disturbs me most about this woman. I don’t think she’s been in control for a long time. I don’t think she’s capable of stopping. It’s already driving her to take actions that could cause devastating harm to people she doesn’t even know.

Milly advocates for disabled claimants who are not accessing or have been refused lifesaving Universal Credit and disability benefits. Milly’s interventions have undoubtedly saved lives and halted the indignity and suffering of many vulnerable people.

Milly, like the people she helps, lives on the breadline herself yet still manages to help others. A shining example of living, breathing socialism but Milly fucked up in the eyes of Sarah Wiles. She defended us while we were being racially abused and now her good work is being attacked. For Wiles, this is a license to try to destroy Milly’s reputation and prevent her outreach work with accusations of theft, fraud and manipulation. Even when reminded that people Milly helps could face very real suffering or death, Wiles doesn’t deviate from her path. The line that she won’t cross seems to be nowhere in sight. Milly is just one of dozens of people who have felt the foul, threat of Sarah Wiles creeping into their personal lives for simply standing up to racism.

I expect this quick blog will be met with a flurry of angry, self-pitying posts and more attempts to distract from the fact that for Wiles’, morality only comes into play when she’s judging the actions of Black women. There’ll probably be a small rallying of support for her largely ignored, too toxic for Blue Ticks, account. But within days she’ll return to exposing herself as a danger to society for three likes and a retweet from racist hate prune, Saboteur Aesop. I hope someone who gives a fuck about her sees this and makes some kind of intervention. If they don’t, it’s likely this blog will come up next time her obsessive behaviour lands her in court.

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  1. A well-written observational piece.

    Sarah Wiles online behaviour is what you might describe as “out there”. Is she worse than her stablemate, Saboteur Aesop? The two of them are hate-filled and obsessive.

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