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Image of #SocialistSunday twitter account with profile pic of clenched, raised pic against a red sun design and a header reading capitalism isn't working, another world is possible

It’s Sunday. The day Twitter socialists hit the hashtag button hardest. Extra hard today cos we’re on the new energy tariff and people are gonna die. ‘Get The Tories Out’ they say, like the fucker waiting in the wings ain’t gonna watch us freeze or starve with the glib, unblinking stare of a stoned bullfrog. Socialist Sunday, where the righteous fury of the masses gets churned into liberal toss and shat out in @supertanskiii sized pieces. We fucking hate it.

Are you blonde? White? Female? Middle class? Abled? Straight? Cisgendered? Congratulations! You’re best placed to lead the masses to freedom. Nobody knows suffering like you. Nobody cries harder than you. You’ve done so much for us people and we just keep throwing it back in your face. It’s got to the point; you don’t even know why you bother. A PayPal notification hits to remind you that, without our suffering, you are NOTHING. You’ll soldier on.

Latched on to our breast like a slave master’s baby, drinking of our trauma, filling your bellies and homes with the profits of our suffering. Posseting blogs and content with such frequency people start to connect our suffering with you. They fill your coffee cups so they can feel something as they languish in wilful impotence. Displacing the victims of oppression so we can’t even exist virtually. Building new borders that limit our expression and place caps on what constitutes offence. Colonising our movements and gutting them from the inside with such precision we know you have to be working from a pattern.

What has Socialist Sunday done for us? Well, my friends and I can’t count the way in which it’s changed our lives. I’ve got a police critical risk marker on my home and a fully grown man declaring he’s going to hurt my child. My friend had to see her deceased brother being falsely smeared as a murderer. Another friend falsely accused of sexually abusing her own son. In the sights of dozens of trolls who dedicate every waking moment to causing us harm.

Thanks to Socialist Sunday we get lynching pics, rape threats, N words and doxes. Disabled people get reported to the DWP. Trans men and women get dead named, called perverts and abusers. None of this would have happened without the hashtag, none of the people who are organising this would have the power to be openly fascist without that fucking hashtag.

Socialist Sunday created a monster and now it’s tearing around these Twitter streets, destroying lives and eating up any real chance of resistance, while the organisers continue to encourage following any danger that clicks like on their posts. I got up today to say #FuckSocialistSunday and if you’re on your arse wondering how the fuck you’re going to survive the next winter, you should be saying #FuckSocialistSunday too.

If you’d like to help us with our fight for justice, please consider donating to our fundraiser to assist with legal fees.

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  1. Just to point out, that the #SocialistSunday account, followed the racist, that wrote the Nine out of Fourteen. J’Accuse piece.
    A vile racist hit piece, that attacks a CSA victim.


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