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A glimmer of hope. Restoring faith in humanity one broken boiler at a time. James Anderson, aka Depher, gained the attention of public and celebrities with life saving acts of charity. Fixing boilers for vulnerable pensioners who’d spent months in the cold. Providing food for hungry families and a shoulder for those struggling with mental health conditions, something James has experienced himself.

Photo of a broken boiler with the safety panel removed and a sticker reading 'do not use unsafe appliance.'

I came across James during the pandemic and was moved by his selfless acts. I’d share his posts and encourage others to do so. Relying on donations from the public, James would Tweet about the people he helped, sharing their pictures, often holding an invoice for a zero owed balance. It gave me the ick but I pushed it to the back of my mind, figuring the pics would help raise awareness and funds to continue his good work. Work that was endorsed and financially supported by people like Hugh Grant and Jeremy Corbyn.

Still the images didn’t sit well. Most of those pictured were elderly and frail, some looked confused or uncomfortable. It felt wrong and I started to share his posts less, especially after a post where he described interrupting a client’s suicide attempt. I felt it crossed a line. There was another occasion where James used his huge platform to blast someone for not paying their bill. I quietly noted the behaviour. James Anderson was not my problem. Until he was.

Image of Jamie Kay with a thin lipped smile holding a pint of beer.

In April 2021, myself and a group of Black women called out racist comments from a prominent ‘socialist’ account. To avoid accountability, Jamie Kay triggered a chain of events that would see us racially abused, doxed and threatened. For almost 18 months, dozens of single purpose hate accounts have targeted us and our supporters with unfounded smears and acts of intimidation. Much of the abuse has been sanctioned and organised by other high profile socialist accounts, intent on ruining our reputations to save theirs.

One of our supporters, who advocates for people struggling to access benefits, was subjected to abuse and smears accusing her of exploiting the people that she helps. When Milly pointed out valid issues with a scheme giving slow cookers to people experiencing food poverty, trolls took the opportunity to use James Anderson and his platform to further malign her.

The racists claimed that Milly was trying to cancel the slow cooker drive and was taking aim at James Anderson and Dr Heald who were promoting the scheme. Heald relished in the drama, hyping up the situation and summoning all of his middle class caucasity to reject the views of people experiencing poverty. To prove how much he truly wanted to understand, Dr Heald came up with the ‘Universal Credit Challenge,’ a social experiment where he and a bunch of posh twats would cosplay poor people for a whole two weeks. Dr Heald’s attempt to offset the concerns of people experiencing poverty could never provide any real insight into their lives. Infuriatingly, those very people had gathered to share their lived experience, but Heald dismissed them as trouble causers, regurgitating the smears of racists and tagging in Jack Monroe in a failed attempt to draw her followers into the growing dogpile. Heald also tagged Depher.

James immediately became defensive. We presented clear examples of the racial abuse from the accounts that who were now pitching him against us. Instead of unfollowing and distancing himself from the hate campaign, he used his platform to attack victims of racism. Tagging us with the Home Office like they were gonna round us up and deport us. Warning us that we were being watched by people in ‘high establishment’ and forming a shield around himself with his charitable acts to reinforce his followers’ unconditional support. James flooded his timeline with images of his vulnerable clients. He dropped donations to Black charities and posted a succession of images of Black people he’d helped. It was a cringeworthy spectacle that would horrify anyone with any sense of racial awareness. Fortunately for James, it went over the heads of most of his followers.

James Anderson answers a question on a FB quiz. 'Would you be happy with Mr Corbyn leading a caretaker government. Depher replies on a yellow background 'not a chance that idiot should be allowed to run anything.'

James Anderson had been sainted and sanctified in the court of opinion, by a public that still believes those who perform incredible acts of charity should be protected from scrutiny. There was uproar when Jas referenced ‘Saville’ to warn of the dangers of unconditional support and while physical and sexual abuse is the extreme, James Anderson used his position of trust to lie and encourage people in power to punish us. His inflammatory comments led to threats to hunt us down. James didn’t blink at the thought of us coming to harm. His sinister response gave us genuine concerns, so we started to dig.

The first confirmation that James Anderson is not the person he claims to be was a single post about Jeremy Corbyn, calling him an ‘idiot’ who shouldn’t be allowed to run anything. It was 2016 and James Anderson was firmly positioned against the socialism that now funds his charity work. There was proof that Depher had spent the period running up to the last general election, sowing seeds of division and fertilising the grounds of the hostile environment.

Before finding favour with Hugh Grant and the Corbyns, James was flirting with Farage, boycotting supermarkets that stock Halal meat and blasting Black Lives Matter for ruining his football. There was no watershed, no attempt to acknowledge that his views had helped to usher in the nightmare we’re now living. Never distancing himself from the figures and ideologies that helped hatred to thrive and encouraged voters to trade human rights for blue passports and white privilege. As we count the cost of these political misadventures it’s vital we challenge the mindset that led us here and for this reason, James Anderson deserves scrutiny.

Many would prefer to believe that James’ work with vulnerable people has softened his right-wing views or that they should be overlooked so that he can continue his valuable work. Even I’ve had to ask myself if there’s any benefit to holding him to account, given his impact on the lives of those experiencing poverty. I concluded that should be a driving force in ensuring that he’s worthy of the trust and privileges bestowed upon those we call hero. Cos when we don’t, vulnerable people get exploited or hurt.

When @BlackWontCrack didn’t yield to the attacks, James turned to emotional manipulation. Someone he was ‘supporting’, he informed us, had attempted to end their life. ‘If he dies’ Depher warned. ‘It’s on you.’ James claimed that he had been so busy arguing with ‘trolls’ that he’d missed a text from a person who was contemplating suicide. James told 50k followers that we were directly responsible for this man’s fate.  It was such a violent act, so undeniably manipulative. A huge breach of trust. James may not have named the individual, but he used their pain to incite hatred towards us.

Tweet from James Anderson reading 'I have just ben informed that a gentleman we support has tried to commit suicide. He is in hospital, stable with a neighbour. I missed the message because I was concentrating on the Twitter witch hunt. If he dies you are responsible.

The run in ended with James attempting to burden us with responsibility of his own mental health struggles and a declaration that he would be leaving Depher CIC as a result of our ‘bullying.’ Within days he was back, papering over the cracks with more pics and boasts of his good work. He withdrew from the smear campaign without apology, maintaining the narrative that he was tricked into getting involved and unduly attacked. Things got back to normal pretty quickly for Depher, once he stopped spreading malicious lies about us, but we all knew that his recent behaviour and past bigotry would become a problem if left unchecked. No one on the left wanted to do the checking.

This weekend I was surprised to see a James Anderson Tweet on my timeline. We’re mutually blocked and most of my followers don’t fuck with him. It was the type of Tweet that hurts my head, one of those painful attempts at presenting an outrageously right-wing view as a legitimate concern. To make matters worse, Anderson posed the comment as a question ‘from a friend’ on a Martin Lewis Twitter thread about the Cost of Living Payment. Anderson’s ‘friend’ wanted to know why only unemployed people on Universal Credit are receiving the £650 payment while ‘the workers get nothing.’

It was a dog whistle. Fuck his explanation that this was a genuine question posed by a friend who exists outside of his limited imagination. James works with impoverished people every day but we’re expected to believe that he doesn’t know that many people on Universal Credit are in work? Supposed to accept that he couldn’t answer that question without the help of a celebrity economist? How can a man who fights poverty be so out of touch with the cause that he supports? How can he not see that his own views are a contributing factor?

Martin Lewis Tweets about the next PM. Depher replies 'So Sunak says hard work pays so why do the unemployed get 350 quid this month but the workers get nothing. From a friend.

Since the @BlackWontCrack campaign was forced into existence, any views we express are blown out of proportion, our condemnation of Anderson’s comment to Martin Lewis was no different. James used our mild response to claim that he was the victim of a bullying campaign and true to form, started tagging police forces and sanitising himself with gut wrenching client stories. Tellingly, he chose to avoid accountability for his bigoted social media posts by claiming that we’d faked the screenshots. Here’s a link to the image of the golliw*g pic he shared on Facebook.

The cracks are showing.  James Anderson is at war with himself. With one hand he fights a monster that steals from the poor. With the other he feeds it anti-immigrant sentiment and nationalism. His parading of the grateful poor went unchallenged and now his clients’ images and struggles are being used to throw his followers off the stench of his political views. Should he be condemned like an old boiler? Or do his good deeds outweigh the toxic views that malign poor people, Black Lives Matter, Muslims? Can the smell be ignored for the sake of those who will go cold and hungry this winter? Or is it just a matter of time before he blows?

UPDATE 30/8/2022

Updating the blog as so much has happened in the short time that’s passed since I wrote this. James has now dropped all pretence of distancing himself from the racists who have abused us. In fact, he’s moved closer to OhJoyousMe, the racist bitch who strokes Joker’s balls as he calls us n*ggers, makes paedophilic comments about our children and threatens them with violence.

OhJoyousMe is the bridge between the racist perverts at Resisting Hate and those they wish to turn and use against us. It’s obviously bad PR for Depher to associate with a wannabe child abuser, not least cos there are vulnerable children in the homes he attends, but by associating with this account, James feels like his commitment to this race hate campaign is being kept under wraps. It’s not. James was informed but it’s profitable to keep her close. And when I say profitable I mean that James has admitted that this is all wonderful publicity for Depher, the organisation, and is increasing their donations by tens of thousands of pounds. Yes DEPHER a community interest company is directly profiting from racial abuse and criminalising and smearing Black victims of racism.

Take a look through my previous blogs. Sure, there’s the occasional wanker in the comments but since I blogged about danger Depher, there’s been a huge shift in the nature of the comments and level of abuse I receive. It’s the filthiest, most perverted shit I ever read. Some of the comments I haven’t published or even shared with the rest of @BlackWontCrack cos nobody needs to read that shit. Once again, paedophilia is a common theme and the obligatory racial slurs and threats of violence make an appearance too.

Depher responded to the blog with a string of emails to myself, claiming that he was calling the police and accusing us of sending him over 600 emails that threaten his staff and elderly clients with violence. James has shown no evidence of these emails despite repeated requests to do so. James also made a video, in which he claimed that we were targeting him in an attempt to kill old people this winter and begged the public for more donations. Again using Depher CIC to incite fear, hatred and cover his own bizarre and troubling behaviour. This is no longer about James Anderson, Depher is using the company name to harass and intimidate us and as such, involves the Community Interest Company he claims he wants to protect.


  1. Hate is a bad thing, having your friends call the office and calling names, threatening the elderly and disabled, threatening staff is wrong. Please pray to the lord that he gives you the strength to remove your burdens and hatred from your heart, you are loved.


    • Only that never happened Depher. You’re an extremely sick individual, trying to make us look like monsters. Once again using your elderly clients to emotionally manipulate us. If you’re received calls, the police will be able to trace them. Not my style. I wrote a blog, provided evidence of your bullshit and that’s the end of it. Don’t pray for me either, God don’t sleep and she sees you.

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      • Stop this bullying of Jack Monroe and James Depher!!!!

        I’ve seen the video about your group trolling poor James and also seen the trolls you have sent to try and shame and silence @BootstrapCook all this week, it doesn’t matter where either of these people earn their money, they help people out and are honest and genuine people period!!

        It’s pure jealousy from a group of sad bullies who spend all day obsessed with their computers and phones and hate other people being happy.

        I was linked to this blog because you named and threatened Jack in it, if you dare write any libel about her that’s it you are finished online. I know that’s where you are going next. First the trolls on the timelines
        And always the same faces.

        Jack doesn’t deserve to be attacked the amount of dedication and service they put into the British community – you have no idea what it’s like to be a victim and targeted everyday.

        I already know James is well aware of who the bullies are but we have taken the liberty of tipping off @bootstrapcook as well of who is behind the attacks, funnily enough they were already aware of your name.

        I’ve been told both Jack and James are suffering from mental health issues since you instigated all of these sick attacks earlier this year.

        You think you are being big and clever and it’s neither. You and your bullies names are being circulated around FBPE circles, we have some big friends and we have huge numbers.

        Sit down and be quiet


      • Help I’m a white Karen who cries and stomps her feet and pretends to phone the police. Inbred family
        Everyone is laughing at the thick as mince simp


      • Judy,

        James has been left with no choice but to hire a team of cyber security experts and sleuths after repeated attempts of cyber criminals trying to access his bank.

        It has come to our attention that since you wrote this blog a month ago, Depher has been inundated with anonymous hate mail to email, threats against Depher workers doing their work, families that receive vital support being shamed and mocked for being critically ill. One scumbag even tried to report Depher to the NSPCC, which quite frankly is the most wicked of acts, especially after individuals were likening James to Jimmy Savile.

        Anyway, as you are fully aware Depher’s Instagram was hacked overnight from a location in London, where one of the BlackWontCrack ladies lives. I won’t be held to ransom by vile thuggish behaviour, I won’t be giving you money for your criminal fraud activity. As we made it crystal clear in our communications over the weekend, Depher requires verification for funds as fraudsters have taken them to the cleaners in the past.

        Depher is not like other naive wool pulled over eyes so called poverty champions who donate to your cause.

        Instagram have informed the cyber team that the hackers have downloaded all of the images of vulnerable people. You will not use these people in your sick troll war.

        Take this blog down Judy and tell your mate to return the Instagram account there will be no cash – that is blackmail. This does not need to be this way.

        Depher CIT


      • There were no victims of James Spiby, the people Jon Sheller – the 30 so called victims were completely fabricated. There was never any evidence of any wrongdoing. If there was such a monster on twitter then there’d have been text, audio, image or video evidence. Jon has never produced any of this. If someone has DMd you claiming to be a victim of James Spiby, then it’s Jon on a sock again. There was no police investigation. Jon is severely mentally unwell and a complete fantasist. The reality is Spiby quit twitter shortly after a disagreement with Jon and Jon went on to accuse over 50 people of being James Spiby on a sock and if anyone protested and wanted to avoid his sick and twisted harassment, he threatened and abused them – many of them women – until they revealed their identities to him and at that point he threatened to blackmail them by contacting family or work, claiming they were aiding and abetting James Spiby. He’s a thoroughly unpleasant and mentally unstable man.
        Nicola James only tolerates him because she lives in the Netherlands and has a lot of issues of her own, she’s unemployed and a full time carer and vulnerable. He has effectively groomed her as well. She has no legal clout whatsoever. In fact you can find her involved in a few European expat remain campaigns, but that’s it. Everything involving Jon is a complete illusion and a con. If anyone was ever threatened or harassed by a James Spiby account (he made the misspelled Dalekgamertag account as an attack spoof) then it was Jon doing it.
        I just hope someone is going to finally listen because this man belongs in prison, away from women and away from the internet


    • Lying is also a sin James. You have lied about sharing a racist post on facebook. You had 3 options. Ignore the accusation, tell the truth and apologise or lie. You chose to lie. You lied about something simple that you didn’t need to lie about. So now you are simply no longer to be trusted.

      I trust that the lords conversation with you at the pearly gates will be brief as he explains no amount of boilers will erase your unwillingness to accept your racism.

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      • Protect Jack Monroe!! Solidarity to Depher. Stop this campaign of hate and get a life. No more hate blogs against charity workers – they are victimised enough


      • Well, well, well it looks like that hideous rotund Jas Jabberwocky type friend of yours with a gob of the Mersey Tunnel has put her foot in it again.

        Addiction is no laughing matter, us kind people we don’t judge, we help those in need, with an empty food cupboard or no heating. Doesn’t matter what’s happened to them now or in the past, they are human beings and we help them get out of a mess any way you can.

        Judy you just surround yourself with hateful characters all the time and it will eat you alive. You need to pray more often.

        Also I see you have been trying to sidle up to Jack, she’s vulnerable at the moment but she’s no fool. She’s tipped me off that she can see through your utter coin rattling and hateful charade. She has no time for fools like you.

        She has had problems in the past, well publicised. Your useless pal has completely disrespected Jack tonight, what an idiot.

        *Laughs and bangs hammers happily*

        The racist circus clowns are performing in town


  2. Judy Gatiss is a sick stalker, she was forced to move away from the Leeds area she loved to Birmingham because if she didn’t back off, the police would have arrested her and she would have been charged. I have to look over my shoulder ever day worrying if she is going to come back into my life. I can’t even go out and get drunk with friends, because it is still too triggering.

    I attempted to meet up and get together with a group of others she has abused earlier this year and she threatened both me and my family. I am now horrified to see she is repeating her psychopathic behaviour on a good man I’ve seen in the papers who helps out old ladies.

    Get a life Judy.


    • Approving cos maybe you can pass the police details on to Depher. I’m sure West Yorkshire Police will be able to confirm that I was forced out of Leeds and that I was being investigated for stalking. Don’t bother replying, I won’t be approving anymore bullshit.

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      • Oh look, Deflection.
        . I notice that you used lowercase B. Funny that.
        You give some racists a pass.
        You evaded everything I said here.
        Just as bad as RH.


      • Yes, I always use capital B as you know, but it’s in the middle of a word dickhead. You haven’t said anything. You said I gave certain racists a pass. I asked you for evidence of your claims. Still waiting…

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      • Hello, I’m a recovering addict, a victim of DV and former donor to the campaign – so I won’t be revealing myself.

        However, I feel I can no longer back the @blackwontcrack campaign as it is no longer protecting all vulnerable people.

        Given the vitriol against my ally Ted last night for asking why people are being labelled “smackheads” and then repeatedly shouted down that ADDICTION IS NOT A PROTECTED CHARACTERISTIC – well you’ve completely alienated me.

        This is not something I want to be on board with, it’s not sufficient to throw the race card down to make up for a piss poor lack of solidarity with other marginalised groups.

        Last night no racial abuse was being thrown about but there was a lot of victim blaming against the drug dependent and former dependent community trying to get our lives on track. Saying you are tired as an excuse for bad behaviour just isn’t good enough.

        I think Jas should own her mistake and apologise.

        I know you weren’t involved directly in this Judy but I feel like this is the only place I can get my voice across without being shouted down.

        I’m out. Good luck with the rest of the campaign.


      • Trying to reply to ‘Recovering DC Addict’ but it doesn’t seem to be working.

        Just wanted to note that they claim to be a former supporter and donor, yet they unironically refer to playing “the race card”, which I can’t imagine any supporter/donor would actually do.

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    • So the harlot lass is likening me to Savile again. That’s because she was fiddled by him repeatedly and she enjoyed every minute of it.

      Damaged goods racist


  3. Wow, what even if this cringe little webpage I’ve discovered. The sad meandering thoughts of a pathetically lonely, Middle Aged loser with nothing better to do that bully those trying to make a positive difference in the world.

    You’re trash Judy, just like every pathetic blog post you’ve ever made on here and every play or woefully bad ‘art’ you’ve tried to publish.

    Sad, sad, hateful bully who deserves every bit of negativity your life is no doubt consumed by.


      • Drop dead you vile bitch, spending your Saturday night harassing a charity. The world would be better off with you fired into the sun and no one would give a fuck.

        You’re a fucking CUNT piece of shit who’s never known love and will die a bitter old hag who’s social live exists on an app on her phone.


      • You confirmed via email that the unfit criminal mother Tanya at doxxingcats is a member of your cyber bullying gang. She will soon get her comeuppance from the police. Instead of posting James address inciting gang members to come to Burnley to harm James wife and family.

        This is sickening behaviour – my advice to this Tanya, is be more kind, spend less time abusing and trolling people online and do the right thing and be a good mother, if you’d done that in the first place they wouldn’t be having so many problems.

        You should get her in line yourself Judy if you claim to be responsible for all of them.

        I just pray they have decent fathers when there is finally a knock on the door to stop this reign of godawful terror

        Do their fathers know you spend all your time online trolling Tanya and not spending time with your kids?


    • You don’t get to choose when this arrangement ends, we need to take out RH. They are the dangers, you have me wrong.


      • We have no arrangement. Never spoke to you and never will. Stop doing Roanna’s dirty work for her cos you all look like you’re on the same side from where I’m standing. Tell Clare I’m reporting her threat of violence to the police too.


    • Greetings,

      First and foremost, if you call this writing – it’s no wonder you will be far quicker for you to get a bus pass than all the years it has taken you to emerge as a writer.

      The good man you are libelling, James Anderson is a decent bloke and is the reason why I donate to his Depher work to help out those less well off.

      I think you are somewhat jealous of the man’s success, he works hard every day to help people out. It is significantly easier for you to hide in your little hovel and write poison pen articles on this blog. It’s easy to see why you chose James as your latest target, as nobody else you targeted has attracted quite so many comments to your blog.

      I wonder which person you’ll choose to target next – deluded fame seeker.

      A rather sad little woman, whose mummy it seems never loved her and clearly has major daddy issues, even after all these years.

      You write as if you are constantly on the edge of agitation, chewing on a packet of wasps and having a full set of crickets down your knickers – but never wanting to remove them, as you worry it will make you less edgy if you get less angry. I’ve known a lot of writers over the years, including in the tabloids and this is by far the worst and most complete rot.

      The problem is, if you remove all the threats and anger you are a terrible bore who would go unnoticed by all.

      Leave James alone – horrible woman


  4. This is the Depher Investigations Team, we have completed our in detailed review of this blog and have declared it libellous and full of cyber bullying against Depher CIC and James Anderson. Whilst James is taking a well deserved break on holiday from his tireless service to the community, we have been given full control of running the CIC and are also given the most sacred task of guarding its reputation and James mental well-being and legacy against trolls and other lowlifes.

    We request that the site owner of this blog – the webmaster removes completely any traces of these hateful statements against James within 72 hours and issues an apology. Otherwise we will be given no choice but to escalate this to the Depher Legal Team to consider steps to take further action.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation – Depher Investigations team


  5. This is the Depher Investigations Team, we have completed our in detailed review of this blog and have declared it libellous and full of cyber bullying against Depher CIC and James Anderson. Whilst James is taking a well deserved break on holiday from his tireless service to the community, we have been given full control of running the CIC and are also given the most sacred task of guarding its reputation and James mental well-being and legacy against trolls and other lowlifes.

    We request that the site owner of this blog – the webmaster removes completely any traces of these hateful statements against James within 72 hours and issues an apology. Otherwise we will be given no choice but to escalate this to the Depher Legal Team to consider steps to take further action.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation – Depher Investigations team


  6. This is the Depher Investigations Team, we have completed our in detailed review of this blog and have declared it libellous and full of cyber bullying against Depher CIC and James Anderson. Whilst James is taking a well deserved break on holiday from his tireless service to the community, we have been given full control of running the CIC and are also given the most sacred task of guarding its reputation and James mental well-being and legacy against trolls and other lowlifes.

    We request that the site owner of this blog – the webmaster removes completely any traces of these hateful statements against James within 72 hours and issues an apology. Otherwise we will be given no choice but to escalate this to the Depher Legal Team to consider steps to take further action.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation – Depher Investigations team


  7. This is the Depher Investigations Team, we have completed our in detailed review of this blog and have declared it libellous and full of cyber bullying against Depher CIC and James Anderson. Whilst James is taking a well deserved break on holiday from his tireless service to the community, we have been given full control of running the CIC and are also given the most sacred task of guarding its reputation and James mental well-being and legacy against trolls and other lowlifes.

    We request that the site owner of this blog – the webmaster removes completely any traces of these hateful statements against James within 72 hours and issues an apology. Otherwise we will be given no choice but to escalate this to the Depher Nuisance Team to consider steps to take further action.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation – Depher Investigations team


    • Hi James,

      Can you point to one actual thing said in this blog that isn’t true? You see it doesn’t matter if you don’t want people to know or not. Truth matters.
      Your tweets, FB posts & instagram posts reveal that you do hold bigoted views. Other horrible comments have since sufficed on trusted trader, boohoo etc.

      I first saw your involvement here when you recently tagged the police, the home office, the terrorism police in your posts on twitter in order to intimidate Black people because you didn’t like them pointing out that you were following and interacting with racists. That James was in my mind a hate crime. Using your large following for ‘good’ to encourage abuse isn’t the right thing to do.

      It’s outrageous that you sought to use the most pernicious and institutionally racist departments of the state to silence people. You are fully aware of how dangerous it was to do that, it was your go to weapon in an attempt to silence people. That doesn’t scream reformed character. It shows you will use fear and intimidation tactics of the worst kind, even if you did that in the heat of the moment, you did it.

      I see you have since deleted those tweets James, perhaps someone advised you to do that?

      To be clear, I think that it’s possible to learn, grow, become a better person. It’s entirely possible for all of us to recognise errors in our past opinions and judgements. It’s the way we communicate that growth that matters. Doubling down and declaring yourself ‘bullied’ isn’t it. Your mental health matters, equally so does the MH and wellbeing of those you are demonising and trying to intimidate now. They have suffered nearly 2 years of abuse at the hands of those I suspect are some of the very people who are encouraging you to continue this disingenuous behaviour now.

      You want to get on and continue with the good work that DEPHER does, so do that. Creating lofty team titles and not owning up to where YOU have messed up isn’t helping this stink to go away, it’s just further dishonesty.

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      • Well, there’s a video going viral now about the ladies bad behaviour and the relevant press have been informed. So you were asked nicely. Now you have been called out. You were warned


      • Just seen Jimmy’s video, top fella for standing up to online bullies. The person who posted this reply is delusional as hell as is the vile bulldog scrotum faced woman whose blog this is. She and her Black does fundraising for ex crack addicts are phonies. They want vulnerable pensioners dead this winter, they are racists and they want to take honest people’s money, because they are jealous of what Jimmy has done.

        They are the type who rob old grannies for crack and I don’t believe for one second they’ve reformed, hence the death threats they’ve made against Jimmy and his workers and the cancer patients in his videos.

        James couldn’t have been more clear in his video. Someone showed me the fund-raiser, I cannot believe you 3 druggies have cadged nearly ten large off idiots online. James is our hero, shame on you for targeting a good charity man.



      • Judy, I’ve read your blog and you tell a great narrative in your own words. However, I have a query about this section of the blog –

        “It felt wrong and I started to share his posts less, especially after a post where he described interrupting a client’s suicide attempt. I felt it crossed a line.”

        The reason James Depher crossed a line was because he essentially prevented someone from killing themselves? You were annoyed at the fact that he saved a life? Then spoke about it no doubt as part of suicide and mental health awareness amongst the vulnerable and the elderly, as people more often than not don’t consider those in that position to want to end their lives, we tend to think of them as dying of old age or dying perhaps of an illness. So I think that’s a real eye opener and part and parcel the problem with poverty and mental well-being, they all fall in together and need preventing.

        So what you yourself have begrudgingly admitted is that as well as fixing boilers James runs welfare checks on those desperately in need. Most people would just sit and turn the other cheek and think it’s someone else’s problem, but not James and so what if he tells other people about it – it’s a much needed warning that anyone’s frail and elderly relatives could be on the brink.

        I think you should strongly reconsider your position and I actually believe this “ick factor” and “uneasiness” was actually retconned into your story because as you say he apparently carried out an activity (slow cookers?) That one of your allies disagreed with.

        Knowing you are an intelligent woman, you could perhaps have said to this Milly character that different people provide help in different ways and different people in need require different support. So whilst this Milly may not be able to find her way around a slow cooker, some of us don’t have a clue – perhaps other families would find them useful. Strong leaders are meant to be able to disagree with their followers and help them grow and learn and it means that rather then leading yourself, something I think you are proud of – I believe you are in fact trapped within the expectations of those who look up to you.

        So if they have a disagreement with someone not from the group they fully expect you to charge in, wave the battle flag and then get everyone else to pile on. Then more often than not this is completely counterproductive to whatever strategic position you want to take. People just shut down when attacked and then sound the alarm along their friend networks and believe me I know those networks run deep on Twitter.

        The fact remains that James Depher is a good man and no level of monstering him and spamming out supposed gotchas from Facebook because he supported Brexit in the past – something he’s taken full ownership of, is ever going to tarnish reputation with his loyal following and supporters and the wider community. The fact is he’s going to get even more support when he goes on TV on his programme later this year and a well deserved accolade as well.

        Can you not see how ridiculous and hilarious it is that you are trying to now get this man arrested? He tried to resolve this matter peacefully and even provisionally offered financial support for your cause, despite the fact that there was significant rudeness and accusations from a number of members within your group. James Depher will walk into any police station and have them eating out of his hand, he has a reputation that precedes him and friends in high places, but he’s earned it. They will take one look at your blog, one look at your twitter feed and those of your friends and think who are these people? We have no idea who they are, there is no evidence of any racism from James Depher or any of his supporters.

        But what they will see is repeated malicious attacks coordinated from a select few profiles, interspersed with claims that he is attacking yourselves and a link to a victim fundraiser to try and extract coin from people that they can barely afford to pay, in a cost of living crisis and with bills going sky high. You don’t actually need any of this money, you have no reputations that need saving, you are just 3 ordinary individuals who have been in a few rows. You are not Wagatha or Johnny Depp – get a grip on your own realities.

        The hundreds of pounds you are taking off in some cases could be used directly on heating or heating or even something to ease the mental well-being of your supporters, but instead you choose for that money to be sent to lawyers, one of the greediest and most corrupt capitalist class of pigs we have ever known to walk this earth and most of them are white suited men and white suited middle aged women. They are the type happy to sit and swill champagne with the Johnson’s and the royals and use their archaic legalese to laugh as they let Black teenagers get locked up for crimes they didn’t commit because nobody in their families can afford to pay for them.

        You are not striking a blow for equality or any kind of anti establishment victory, you and your friends are being bled dry by capitalist pigs – assuming you have made any financial contribution to the case whatsoever.

        Now you plan to sue James Depher, a good charity man and just think, how evil are your lawyers if they are okay and happy to take your money and so that?

        You have to sit back and take stock as you continuously escalate whilst throwing out victim card after victim card. You once had some respect and currency, remember when you did videos with loads of powerful Black voices, you were respected then, people listened to you, why aren’t you doing that anymore Judy? Are you no longer invited to them.

        Why have you taken yourself down from the throne and gone and sat at the Jester’s table and put on a hat for the amusement of people like Steve Wilson or Carmel Prescott who have never actually met a real Black person in their friendship circles in real life. They are using you as a prop to boast about how anti racist they are. It might make them all look good, but you are being mugged right off, as are Tanya and Jas.

        I sit and laugh as people like Anne Conroy parade Tanya’s artwork round – “look at me I have authentic Jamaican artwork – how quaint am I?” – she is treating you all like the colonialists did when they first went to Africa and that’s just wrong.

        I see jokes like Stephanie and Portia pretend they give a damn about Jas radio show and are doing it because they want a shout out and to feel important and name songs by Black artists that definitely aren’t in their usual music listening – just so they can tell all their white pals at parties and in work – ” Oh yeah I’ve got a Black friend on the radio”. It’s all performative and sickening.

        They go on the attack because they are absolutely weak non entities on their own, who squeak in this world. They think you have a roar and they try and whore you out for it and Tanya and Jas, but they have well and truly weakened you.

        Now I know you probably won’t post this or even read it properly and your sad sack of white simps certainly won’t, they’ll just whoop and holler over out of context screenshots of snippets like the baying mob they are – their behaviour is the worst and the reason you get so much flak. How many times have they gleefully gone and doxed someone? Found their job or address to please you without you even asking? How warped is that. They now want to attack all of Burnley even though you have a disagreement with just one individual from that location. What would happen if they fell out with someone from Birmingham would they automatically attack you as well? How ridiculous.

        But I know James Depher just wants to get on with fixing boilers and you want to get on with your film production and writing, so why not see sense for once, call off the attack dogs – be the bigger person?

        Doesn’t hurt to think and pause does it?


    • If you are going to pretend to be a legitimate authority, best not write like a monk in the 12th century, you ridiculous racist dolt.

      Now fuck off James, there’s a good little englander


  8. Dear Webmaster,

    This is the Depher Investigations Team, we have completed our in detailed review of this blog and have declared it libellous and full of cyber bullying against Depher CIC and James Anderson. Whilst James is taking a well deserved break on holiday from his tireless service to the community, we have been given full control of running the CIC and are also given the most sacred task of guarding its reputation and James mental well-being and legacy against trolls and other lowlifes.

    We request that the site owner of this blog – the webmaster removes completely any traces of these hateful statements against James within 72 hours and issues an apology. Otherwise we will be given no choice but to escalate this to the Depher Nuisance Team to consider steps to take further action.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation – Depher Investigations team


  9. Ms Judy Gatiss of Women’s Enterprise And Community
    249A Ladypool Road, Birmingham, B12 8LF

    This is Protect Against Bullies CIC and this article has been flagged up as libellous and bullying and this is your one and only warning to take this hatchet job blog article down or face more serious ramifications.

    We have been tasked to clean up the internet and take down content that damages clients, in particular those in the charity sector who are continuously harassed despite doing good work.

    We will be checking and refreshing over the weekend to make sure you have complied with your duties and obligations.

    Protect Against Bullies


      • Okay Carmel pretending to be Evita, you think you are clever hiding on a fake name, but you know and I know James is a better individual than all of you combined. He wants to be protected from bullies and help old people and all you can do is laugh?
        You can have your backing from I’m Alright Boots too big to strap Jack – the pretend trans. She’d be laughed out of Scotland for such jokes. So would your mate Stephen Woodcock.


  10. יהודה גאטיס

    הסר את הבלוג הזה – הבריונות ברשת שלך הופנתה אלינו. יש לנו ידע על ההתנהגות האנטישמית שלך.

    זה כבר לא נסבל.

    בני אברהם הם דיגיטליים


    • Master Rs dad is a nonce and that’s why Judy doesn’t like paedophile hunters – as she protected baby daddy from them.
      That’s all everyone needs to know.



    This hacked up, dead faced, ugly tramp who runs this page gets her kicks out of bullying a good man.

    Is it any wonder your dad didn’t want to be part of your life Tanya?


    • Depher and Monroe can both KMT both yt saviours and racists! None of them help anyone but their own and they have hundreds of thousands in the bank.

      Fuck them all and all the other desperate bitch ass middle aged saggy white Karens who run around clucking their hooded heads to defend the whitemockcracy.

      Sick of all this moaning shit on here – jokes!

      Luv ya Sista!


      • This reads like a really poor imitation of how you think Black people speak.

        Judy nor any of BWC have any kind of problem with Jack Monroe as far as I can see. Funny you found your way to this blog to propagate that lie.

        Too many of you are hoping that by stoking beef between them and high profile accounts you’ll get them bullied off Twitter and that they’ll drop their case. Now why would you do that?

        They’ve received the worse, sustained, racist abuse and gaslighting for near on two years as you know full well.

        Put your wooden spoon and the digital Blackface away.


  12. Your blog is well written and accurate.

    James is racist and is right wing. He is aware he is being manipulated by the group of racist trolls who have been abusing you for over a year. He has done nothing to stop these abusers and is egging them on. He loves coming across as a sanctimonius and pious with a saviour complex. He has abused Black women, disabled people and anyone who calls him out. The comments he tweeted Martin Lewis were his mask slipping off. The sooner people can see it is a mask and a front the better.

    Tired of people justifying his toxic behaviour. I cannot wait for the day he has to apologise for the abuse and misinformation he has spread.

    In the meantime keep going with your campaign and making racists afraid again ❤️


  13. Hello, Just what does it feel like to be considered a token by one of your white Karen supporters. Oh the embarrassment from the Waitrose Sandwich Muncher.

    Carmel wants to Boff Ben Holly Bigot


    • A token? She’s defending us you fucking waste cadet. You don’t call me Cathy, tap dancing away for a white woman who wouldn’t fart on her. Not me. Never us. That’s why ypu hate us. Can’t be ruled. Can’t be silenced. Suck your dad hoe, from behind.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Help, I’m brown bread, she hates old people and wanted the money in my will and my best horse headed cane.

    Bad Donkey


  15. Its sad to see another wannabe Roanna in the making. You sit at home wondering how you can score points and don’t give a toss who’s in the middle.

    You think you’re hard done to because a pakistani transvestite was racist to you yet most of your spouting are anti white hateful racism. We’ve seen the damage RH has done to people as their lives, livelihoods and families have been torn apart. We’ve seen how they have put A vulnerable person in hospital scarred for life, took one man’s job and pushed him to attempt suicide then target his family when he did die, so you being sent fruit isn’t the worst thing, especially as you’re as racist as them yet call others racist with absolutely no evidence. This blog is mearly a butthurt cry in desperation to muster more donations to a lost cause.


  16. Judy’s blog is well-written and supported by evidence. She has given James the benefit of the doubt. She acknowledges the great work done in helping those in extreme poverty.
    All he has to do, to regain people’s trust and admiration, is to apologise wholeheartedly and stop abusing and threatening people for calling out his questionable behaviour.
    And please, please stop showing vulnerable people in a dishevelled or confused state on Twitter. Even if they’re so grateful that they agree to it, do they realise that the image will be there forever? I don’t believe this is full consent, it’s given in the euphoria of relief.
    The comments on here are pretty disgraceful. Racist and insulting, dragging in the names of people who haven’t said a word about James or his company; trying to associate criticism of James with criticism of Jack Monroe.
    The power to change all the problematic behaviour is in James’s hands.


  17. Oi Tubbs, nice of your hobgoblin crack toothed friend to shout the odds about a space at short notice and then try and declare victory. I call that cowardice.
    You promised a blog about me, but you are truly a terrible writer and bone idle, in fact even Ro Bitch Witch has more talent than you.
    You are nothing more than Slummy Brummy Council Estate Mummy Scum and because Jezza Kyle isn’t on anymore you thought you’d whore yourself on here instead. I bet you’ve been on that show more than once.
    We’ll talk when you do that blog – I call the shots in this relationship. No more doxes for you – naughty step Jude. Chop Chop


      • Greasy Gatiss needs a wash, it smells like Billingsgate in your house.
        Stop trolling in your dressing gown all day.
        How’s that filming going? LOL Hobo features
        Sad haggard


  18. Worried about a child?

    Birmingham Children’s Trust
    Share this page

    If you’re worried about a child, contact us

    The Children’s Advice and Support Service (CASS) provides a single point of contact for professionals and members of the public who want to seek support or raise concerns about a child.We want to keep all children and young people in Birmingham safe from harm. If you are concerned about a child please contact us. We will listen, assess your concerns, and can take action if a child is at risk.If you’re not sure whether a child is at risk you can discuss the circumstances with us or with someone else who works with children, such as a teacher, health visitor or the NSPCC. All professionals who work with children have a responsibility to safeguard them and will know how to help.Contact details

    Monday to Thursday: 8:45am to 5:15pmFriday: 8:45am to 4:15pmTelephone: 0121 303 1888

    Emergency out-of-hoursTelephone: 0121 675 4806

    Refer a child you’re concerned about

    Dear sir/madam, I am concerned about an adult Rudi McIntyre of [redacted] and a number of child family members she comes into contact with. I believe she may be on an offenders register and there have been some safeguarding concerns. I understand she has been reported to you before.

    Regards, Concerned Citizen X



  19. Judy, it pains me to say this but you have failed to leave people alone and cannot atone for your cyber bullying ways. Only karma can catch you now – I hope you have a broken boiler this winter and you and your family have to sit in the cold. That will be the only thing that will teach you a lesson.

    Try kindness instead.


  20. Judy, given the really dark and sad time that the country is going through, perhaps now is the time for you to stop and reflect and cease all of your trolling activities, especially against charities. We will all need to pull together over the next few days.

    Also please give the police a break, there will be many mourning over the current days and won’t need your agitation. Pass this message to the Tanya one and that Jas as well.

    Peace and Kindness wins.


  21. Judy,
    Are you going to send any more people to protests to beg for cash for your little online spat? You are a disgrace.
    Too lazy and jelly roll fat stupid to drag yourself there I see.
    Laughing stock of Birmingham.


  22. On the weekend we organised a protest against the brutality of the police against the senseless murder of Chris Kaba and we noticed that some of your campaigners turned up and were asking around for money for a completely different fundraiser.
    Whilst we support all marginalised causes, we would like to request that out of respect for Chris’ family and the community who are deeply hurting at this point that you do not send any of your fundraisers to future protests or events up and down the country relating to Chris Kaba asking for money. I am sure there are plenty of other more sensitive occasions where you can do your fundraising.
    If you would instead like to support and help by organising and raising funds for Chris family directly that would be a big help. You can find out more on our linked site.
    Thanks for your understanding,
    Stand Up to Racism


  23. Judy,
    I am sick to death of you weaponising your kids and attacking mine. Like how you posted about how he’s the most special needs ever and the blatant grift you have going on by posting how much money you are going to need to spend on him at Christmas. We all know a grift will be coming to beg for money to pay for that.
    All you ever do is wake up at 6am to angrily post to attack me and my child who has genuine disabilities from child birth and you say he doesn’t exist. You don’t even believe I am real, but that’s because you are jealous, as is Tanya and Jas.
    Jas is angry because she has no kids and her clock is ticking and Tanya lied about her kid not playing football because of racism, but the reality is he just isn’t good enough.
    Truth hurts, living rent free every day. Bye.


      • Hello Judy,
        Nicola has got in touch with me as you said that you wanted to speak to people know knew Mr Jonathan Sheller in real life as you were concerned about his wellbeing.
        As his private medical consultant for the last 5 years, I cannot go into specific private medical details with you about Jon’s condition, but he has authorised me to confirm that he is indeed eligible for the highest level of PIP and is currently unable to work and is also in a situation of health where he needs to spend some time away from situations that may exacerbate his stress levels.
        If you wish to discuss this further you can contact me, but I recommend you go through Nicola instead, as she is the one advocating on his behalf.
        She did not make it fully clear what the actual nature of your enquiry was, but hopefully some issues have been clarified.
        Kind Regards,


  24. We know Ephemeral has been a sex pest and how much of a gross misogynist he is – we have all the evidence we need. We are bringing your whole network down, the game is up.

    Monroe (what a mistake backing you), Jog the Fon, Charley girl, oh dear oh dear goodbye – it’s purely a numbers game at this point.


    • Hello,
      I would like you to please disregard the Medical advice comment made to this blog on date 8 March 2023 at 2.36pm.
      The registered individual has been removed from active medical consultation pending full investigation from our safeguarding team after a complaint was made by one of our clients – leaking confidential and private medical information without their consent.
      If you are the data controller we would kindly ask that you remove this confidential information as it breeches our client’s GDPR rights and may mean that your site is also in breech of GDPR and could leave you liable to an ICO investigation.
      I can assure you we are taking this matter with the utmost seriousness that it merits and will be publishing our findings on the matter of any wrongdoing or data breeches in due course.


      • Okay Gashington Post, the joke’s over with the fit up of Jonathan – using a fake catfish profile that Judy so obviously is as is this fictional cartoon attack blog where you are so badly doing an impression of a black woman to attack a critically ill man – it is bad blackfishing.

        Nobody has seen this Number One Race Baiter TM on camera or heard her voice nor her daughter. I’ve asked some really good friends of mine who frequent the Bill Ring in Birmingham and they also frequent the weekly Wolverhampton fish market and nobody has ever heard of a Judy or Judith Gatiss. Suspicious.

        The reason Judy Gatiss couldn’t be served at the solicitors or at the local Birmingham HOUSING OFFICE is because she doesn’t exist, she isn’t real.

        Now as I said in my written correspondence with you over your libelous posts at Gashington and my complaint of Kate White attempting to doorstep Jon when he was visiting his niece and recovering.

        I am a mother of a victim of @daleksgamertag who had over 30 victims on here and only Jon and his Bully off charity which is about to do a fundraiser listened to me. My daughter remains having psychic scars and a tainted aura after the ordeal and daleksgamertag still evades punishment.

        I am also a part time court advocate so I know all of my legal precedents and what you are doing on 2 blogs and multiple accounts Gashington and the Judy blackfish account is 100% non legal in England and Wales and most likely Scotland – if that’s where you are currently residing.

        I’ve posted on here to let you know the fun and the games are up and will be advising Jon as one of his legal briefs to serve notice now against the Gashington Headquarters.

        These bogus medical posts are also a farce and way too obvious Stephen Border.



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