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Hope – Apply Liberally

Liberal Twitter is losing its shit. Middle class white women need their cleaners back pronto. Their husbands and sons are lazy twats and their daughters are in training to be middle class white women. Feminism is - understanding that their need to put working class women's lives at risk, exists only because of the patriarchy. The liberal blue ticks are leading the charge because us working class cleaners aren't on Twitter giving that good, clean liberal woke. I say us, because domestic cleaning is how I earn a living when I’m not earning enough as a writer. Which has been a lot of the time. The prospect of scrubbing the shit off the side of someone's toilet is never far away for me. (continue to article)

‘Call him a Coconut!’

70% of the healthcare workers who've died saving others from Covid are from BAME communities. While unions call for their immediate protection, voices from the right scramble to drown out accusations of racial bias. It’s 1979 and I’m being chased across the park by skinheads. I’m six, almost seven, they look like men but are probably still in their teens. I’m scared but I’m three minutes from home and know every tunnel burrowed through the privets between the gardens. The skins are high on glue, I’m confident I have a good lead, but I know not to look back. (click to continue)