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Tag: #blackbritish

Black and POC Solidarity 2021

Many groups face oppression in the UK, but today I am talking about the relationship between the Black community and our friends who are also easily identified by the colour of our skin. Those who firmly believe we should be united against racism based upon our similar hues. We can, but much needs to change.

Black Sparta

At 7’ 6” Ella Williams cuts a striking figure in black and white photographs, poised and dignified in Edwardian dress. Reserving herself a place in Black British history, a reminder that we were here before the Windrush. For a moment she’s just a woman about town and then you remember. The lives of Black people in British antiquity are always bound within stories of exploitation and oppression. This statuesque African queen did not escape that legacy. (Continue...)

Tipping Point

Protests across the US are intensifying following the arrest of sacked police officer, Derek Chauvin, who was formally charged with the murder of George Floyd. The third degree murder charge has done nothing to reassure African Americans, who've been here too many times to believe this will lead to a conviction. Black Lives Matter is trending again at the worst possible time. Live feeds relay images from a war zone where African Americans are supported by white and POC, in numbers I don't remember seeing before. (continue to article)